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IN THE SHADOW OF DEADLESS TREE_nail pelivan_30min_2013_TURKEY_fiction
You spent it in this way, in all places, too. You cannot find a different sea. This city will follow you. You will walk in same streets, again. You will age in same neighborhood. Your hair will turn grey in same houses. You will come to this city in the end, coming full circle, how you spent your life, in this corner. You cannot find a new country.  ..

THE ATTIC_minos nikolakakis_18min_2011_GREECE_fiction
When Manos, a 50 year old man gets divorced from his wife, he moves in a new house in order to start all over again. Quite unexpectedly he discovers something spectacular. Ziggy, his childhood pop idol, is rehearsing in the most unusual of places. His attic. And this will change his life forever.

MY PROFIT_hakan un_36min_2011_TURKEY_fiction
A young man, married with children, is looking for a job after being laid off due to the crisis. He sets up a mobile stand and hires out the binoculars left from the time when his father currently bedridden at home, was healthy, charging customers 50 kurus for 5 minutes of city sightseeing.

WRINKLES AND DREAMS_georgia petrali_30min_2008_GREECE_fiction/dance/experiment

The film “Wrinkles and Dreams” was shot in the picturesque neighborhood of “Agia Triada” and at the city walls of Heraklion in 2008 to promote one of the most historic quarters of the city. The film is a walk-around filled with memories, in the form of a dance documentary. The star is a resident of Agia Triada who wanders in the narrow alleys of the neighborhood where he grew up, recalling memories of past times, and this lost childhood love, who takes form again through his nostalgic wanderings.
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JOURNEY_dariusz glazer_30min_2006_POLAND_fiction
It’s a story of a young woman from Warsaw - Iwona who has two children and works in a supermarket. She lives with her unemployed husband in a block of flats. They are always short of money - that causes many quarrels and destroys their relationship. One day Iwona receives a great offer from her old friend – Wojtek. He wants her to move to London and start a brand new life…

A BOAT_michal szczesniak_16min_2007_POLAND_fiction
Film tells the story about young boy, whose originality exceeds tolerance of his surroundings. He used to show promise but now he changes into recluse and decides to live on the boat in the middle of the lake. The escape of main character is absurd. This absurd mixed with irony amuses, because is real in XXI century – the century of individuality. Supporting characters bring comic elements. The reality from the main characters point of view seems to be surreal. Everybody seemed to know the main character and his reasons better than himself. But they are wrong. Something happened in the past, but what…? Every spectator has to answer this question.

THE NEWBIE_tomasz olejarczyk_19min_2009_POLAND_fiction
A lonely 17–year-old Ania (the Newbie) is seeking acceptance in a group of peers playing risky urban games. She pays for her strivings with a loss of faith in values. With nothing to lose, Ania invents a daredevil game, supposed to provoke the group and especially its leader-Czarny, to think. The surprising end of the film gives a new chance to return to normality for its characters. The film is based on the short story 'Moc słowa' [The Power of Word] by Anna Czajka and corresponds to the second Commandment: 'You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain'.

HANOI – WARSAW_katarzyna klimkiewicz_30min_2009_POLAND_fiction
Smuggled across borders, cheated by immoral intermediaries, trailed by police, at the mercy of foreigners – such is the fate of illegal immigrants from Vietnam who try to settle in Poland. Among them is young Mai Anh, whose boyfriend now works at a bazaar in Warsaw. Their meeting in a foreign country will not transpire as they had imagined. This film debut leaves no doubts as to the fate of refugees: in their new lives in the ‘promised land’ they are constantly hounded and frequently need to deny their identity. In the struggle for survival under these new circumstances, such values as solidarity, friendship and love will not prevail. The film’s creators present this phenomenon from a very intimate perspective, without resorting to predictable narrative methods or simple generalizations in their evaluation of the protagonists.

WATERMELON_tato kotetishvili_10min_2012_POLAND_fiction
Somewhere off the beaten track, far away from big cities, a man puts up his stand selling watermelons. Those few local drivers, who pass it, remain unimpressed. Only tourists stop to take a photo of this peculiar attraction. This kind of a business cannot be profitable. To make things worse, a competing enterprise emerges on the other side of the road. The film shows one day in the life of a watermelon seller.

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SECOND WIND_sergey tsyss_7min_2012_RUSSIA_fiction
Every day he must make a new flower from a tin and plant it into the dry ground. This is the point of his existence, as there is nothing else left in the world but metallic rustle of the apocalypse flowers.

THE BEARD_dmytro sukholytkyy – sobchuk_25min_2012_UKRAINE_fiction
An old man lives out his days in a solitary village. Everybody calls him "The Beard". The daughter has emigrated to Italy. Routine hurts him. Suddenly he gets a rifle bullet...One moment – and everything will change. The Beard will disappear…

HOURGLASS_pedro collantes_16min_2012_NORWAY_fiction
As we grow up, friendships often fade away. Or do they?

LA PRIMERA NOCHE_eduardo moyano_17min_2013_SPAIN_fiction
A customer falls on the floor and Eva, the clerk, calls an ambulance. The next night Silvestre comes back to the store to thank and explain himself to Eva, and instantly he falls in love with her.

DEAD STORY_fran mateu_15min_2011_SPAIN_fiction
A gothic horror story narrated in two different times by Samuel, who tells us how he met Isabel, a supernatural person.

AFTER A DREAM_louise narboni&julie desprairies_26min_2012_FRANCE_experiment
The film takes place in a tough suburban neighborhood of Grenoble, Villeneuve, also known for having served as the stage of urban and architectural utopia in the 1970’s. Elise, a young dancer, meanders firmly from one spot to the next, from open spaces to buildings, from group to group, from terraces to gardens, from color to color. She meets, as if by chance, the inhabitants. Sometimes, snippets of conversations, of songs and of dances emerge.

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THE COCKROACH_stephan ganoff_17min_2012_BULGARIA/GERMANY_fiction
A German man is visiting Bulgaria to meet his possible future wife for the first time. He is having a culture shock in an unlicensed taxi. A young Bulgarian boy is having a hard day in his suburbia. The boy's mother has been preparing a traditional Bulgarian soup. She is trying her best with her hairstyle, dress-up and make-up. The boy comes home; the mother has been waiting for him. While the two are having a little family clash in the hallway, the doorbell rings. It is the German man. The two adults are trying to build a conversation at the dining table. It is not working, because of the language barrier between them. The boy is eating the soup and observing the situation. Suddenly he spots a cockroach crawling on the guest's sleeve. Is this meeting going to become a disaster? Or maybe there still is a chance to become a family? This short film is an observation of a situation, where people with different cultures meet. This film is set in Bulgaria, and such stories are found everywhere in our global world.

ALL OF THAT_branislav milatovic_27min_2012_MONTENEGRO_fiction
Is it possible to replace grim funeral rituals with a pleasant day in the nature?

DOES IT MAKE SENSE WHEN IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE?!_neshka karadzhinska_29min_2008_BULGARIA_documentary
Documentary of three young artists and the art of performance. “The very reaction of the audience was interesting. Because you can do anything, they can watch it in many different ways and you can call this art, because this is the live reaction of the people, but in fact it is your idea…”

PAWNSHOP_neshka karadzhinska_9min_2011_BULGARIA_fiction
Empty streets, empty town square… At a time when the dried out leaves are still withholding at the scorching heat of the ending summer, an old lady is taking her most precious possession to the pawnshop owned by Kalin Banderov. 

ARARAT_engin kundag_27min_2012_TURKEY/GERMANY_fiction
Noah has not seen or been in touch with his father for ten years. When his father dies he makes the 4,000 kilometre journey from Germany to bury him at the foot of Mount Ararat. His gentle brother still lives in his father’s village. He leads a less-than-happy married existence with his energetic wife, who thinks of her husband as a weakling. Noah, the German, tries to mediate. But where exactly will they lead, these best intentions of a man who left his village so long ago and who has all but forgotten his language and traditions? Noah has cut himself off from his roots and yet even he, reluctantly or perhaps subconsciously, can sense that some indeterminate part of this long-forgotten world still stirs within him. Is this his legendary second chance that he is about to throw away – the second chance bestowed on humankind by God when Noah’s ark landed on Ararat?

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ANNA AND JEROME_melanie delloye_26min_2012_FRANCE/USA_fiction
Anna maybe did not do things the right way, but she wants to change. She dreams of leaving with Jerome, to take him far. They would be so good together.

I AM AGHA_muhammad umar saeed_8min_2010_FRANCE/PAKISTAN_documentary
Lahore, Pakistan. During one day we follow Agha, a young boy who picks garbage in the street to survive, no matter what happens around him. Agha shares with us his states of mind and vision of life…

DEUX INCONNUS_lauren wolkstein&christopher radcliff_15min_2011_FRANCE_fiction
A man and a boy, trudging down a hot, deserted stretch of highway, sneak into a motel swimming pool and are soon found by a girl who works there. While at first everything seems normal, as the boy speaks with the girl a strange and disturbing shift occurs, and the reality of who they really are is called into question. 

LOSER LEG_francesco filippi_8min_2012_ITALY_animation
"I’ve always had strong arms. They have to become such if you are born with lame legs, without bones.”

SELECTION PROCESS_manuel martinez_12min_2012_SPAIN_fiction
Selection process allows us to look at staff selection process where three candidates apply for an executive post. One of them, Afrodita, sees the others as rivals and will stop them at nothing to get a job.

MY RIGHT EYE_josecho de linares_13min_2012_SPAIN_fiction
Zurdo maintained a special relationship with his grandmother. Since he went away to study they have lost contact. On the last day of summer Zurdo decides to visit her with the intuition that he might not see her again.

LUMINARIS_juan pablo zaramella_6min_2011_ARGENTINA_animation
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

THE MISSING LOOKS_damian dionisio_11min_2012_ARGENTINA_fiction
Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is discovered by the militars. No time to flee, Teresa tries to shelter her daughter in a fantasy world to avoid the girl look at the horror they are about to live.

IMMOBILE_helio mira_9min_2012_SPAIN_fiction
When an entire generation of young people decides to stand still, a family looks anxious at his immobile son. It may be for vital apathy or for social indignation but the lad reaction does not seem to come ever…

KICKOFF_zoran trajkovic_5min_2012_UK_fiction
It is an undisclosed protest, the calm before the storm. Bottled tensions are threatening to erupt into violence. We are introduced to the main character through an extreme close-up. He remains faceless, one of the crowd, his inner monologue describing the unfolding events as they build towards the inevitable climax.

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OH WILLY_emma de swaef&marc james roels_17min_2011_BELGIUM/FRANCE/LUXEMBOURG/THE NETHERLANDS_animation
Forced to return to his naturist roots, Willy bungles his way into noble savagery.

THE VIOLET HOUR_felix van cleeff_15min_2012_THE NETHERLANDS_fiction
Two young lovers leave modern city and all possessions behind to enter the wilderness, where they make love for the very last time.

REAL MEN_matus krajnak_30min_2010_SLOVAKIA_fiction
Various faces of love in the main characters trinity: Adam - Teresa - Ivan get complicated by involving Austrian couple Jens and Lota. They come to re-call honeymoon atmosphere of the good times gone. Lota wants to rejoice herself and her husband, she looks for the reasons why their relationship got colder and she doesn't want to accept the fact that her husband is simply different. The film is a portrait of emotional instability and frustration of the people coming from different cultures. Their sense of home, background, upbringing and morals were influenced by different social systems, but when searching for love, they find it common dealing with the same problems.

ARSY VERSY_miroslav remo_24min_2009_SLOVAKIA_documentary/experiment
This film is the life story of a mother and her son Lubos, who turned the world upside down. Lubos escaped the world of people to live symbiotically with nature. He flew away to a planet where only butterflies live – intelligent beings. Lubos invested his life’s energy combined with his unbelievable empathy into his amateur photograph and film creations. His greatest fascination with nature was the unique study of bats. He attempted to maximize the understanding between human and animal by expressing his fascination for this upside down being. His biggest support in his wanderings, as well as in all areas of his life, was his mother. Lubos’s mother, however, is 75 years old and worries about the future of her son. “What will happen with that kid?” she asks. People who ‘knew him’ thought Lubos was crazy, but only until they saw the film Upside Down. Now they feel like the crazy ones!

FAMILY ALBUM_lihi binyamin_24min_2012_ISRAEL_fiction/experiment
Mika is a lean 15 year old girl. She is waiting for the moment that her body will show signs of womanhood. She tries to grow up physically and mentally and to find her place in broken, divided family.

TREE RING_maria bjorklund_6min_2012_FINLAND_animation/experiment/documentary
The infamous Katri Vala Park in Sörnäinen, Helsinki is a meeting place for urban nature and poetry in this experimental animated documentary.

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DREIEINHALB_elisa unger_20min_2012_GERMANY_fiction
The house Martin inherited in Transylvania turns out to be a worthless old shack. The money he borrowed for the journey is almost gone. The strange food and the ancient VW camper slowly drive him mad. His bad luck continues when the hitchhiker Klara suddenly occupies his back seat. With her chaotic, bubbly personality and her ever smiling face she puts him through a number of unwelcome adventures and some unpleasant experiences.

ACID PAULI – EQUATION OF TIME_ugur yildirim_4min_2012_GERMANY_experiment/music/dance
Official music video for Acid Pauli.

COLD STAR_kai stanicke_7min_2011_GERMANY_experiment
A boy experiences new desires while watching a man at an indoor swimming pool. Forced up the diving platform by a rowdy gang, he receives unexpected help.

BALLET STORY_daria belova_9min_2011_GERMANY_fiction
Another day at the ballet school. Classes routine goes as usual, when Sophie notices a boy outdoors, on the street. He was here yesterday already. She finds him mysterious; maybe she likes him, but does not dare to do anything with it. Surrounded by her frivolously chattering classmates, she realizes that another girl is faster making decisions, and Sophie finds herself caught in a vortex of grief and aggression.

RIO GRANDE_louis fried_11min_2011_GERMANY_fiction/experiment
In the city at the big river it is in-between-time and everything is a bit blurred,
day and night, inside and outside. Hard to find common ground and so everybody is waiting for something- except over in the harbor. Is it ever only about two or always about everyone in the end? And when will that be?

PROPAGANDA1_louis fried_6min_2010_GERMANY_experiment
Shots of a funfair, partly filmed through the bald trees of a park nearby, create an alien atmosphere. The strangeness gets amplified, as the film material itself was worked on and by means of scratches, dust and lime scales and own additional level was created.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING_fjodor donderer_13min_2012_GERMANY_experiment
Accompanying the images of a journey, the narrator recalls the collected impressions and thoughts of his friend, a romantic and anxious individualist, on his spontaneous journey to an unknown place, looking for something in this world, whatever it may be, for consolation, for inspiration, at the sight of the disastrous state this same world is currently in.

INTERFERENZ_matis bukrhardt_28min_2012_GERMANY_fiction
An untouched attic. The quiet vibration of a distant voice. Longing. The desire of a woman for something that is as ungraspable as radio waves.

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY_fabian giessler_9min_2012_GERMANY_animation
Two olde men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource.

FALLEN_christoph schuller_18min_2012_GERMANY_fiction
Three soldiers, Pit, Vince and Christopher, return home from their tour of duty in Afghanistan and seem to be unharmed. They all have one thing on mind: Pit should be dead and Felix should be alive. 

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RANDOM TO HUG THE WIND_huseyin bulut_30min_2012_TURKEY_documentary
Our seas have been contaminted for many years. Though that contamination doesn’t catch our eyes,  fishermen are witnesses for this, moreover they catch the contamination with their fishnets. They don’t know if the annihilation of the spieces depens on this pollution, but there’s a fact that both polluted seas  and radars which they call technology, can’t find the fish; become a nightmare for fishermen whose job has been always so hard. Though to all obstacles, fishermen who try live on by their paths with patience and obstinacy, stick their fishnets with their  hearts and souls, by the hope of the beautiful days to come. This documentary is about fishermen’s lives, willings, complains, workings, hardships which they face and most importantly how we contaminate our seas...

THE FIRST LADY OF DUBRAVA_barbara vekaric_20min_2011_CROATIA_fiction
Amra is an attractive and talented teenager living in the outskirts of Zagreb whose dirty rap made her quite popular in the neighborhood. Dina is her chubby, clumsy and spoiled younger sister who suffers from asthma and often feigns or exaggerates her illness to drive her older sister up the wall. Amra and her “manager” plan to shoot a hot music video for her big break-through hit to be “Girl from da hood”, but she learns last minute that she’s to babysit Dina instead, while her parents go Bosnia. Not willing to sacrifice her “big chance”, Amra takes Dina along and puts her life at risk.   

THE SOUND AT THE WINDOW_nursel dogan_20min_2012_TURKEY_fiction
Gülizar had to move from her small village to the big city. She can’t speak any language except her native language is Kurdish. Everything is very different for her including the culture, language in the big metropolis Istanbul. She has to face a lot of challenges even she couldn’t speak with a doctor, which is one of the most basic rights.

1982_yildiray yildirim_8min_2012_TURKEY_fiction
In 1982 during the martial law, people in a cafeteria watch porno. Two military posts enter the cafeteria. The story is absolutely different than it seems.

PRAY_thelyia petraki_18min_2012_GREECE_fiction
Pray describes that moment in life when someone realizes the world is far from perfect. The story is about a girl who's been sentenced by the court of law to be buried alive, but no one around her seems to care.

YOU LOOK GREAT WHEN I AM FUCKED UP_luka bursac_26min_2012_SERBIA_fiction
Sale is angry young man who goes to his brother 18th birthday. This night will change his life in coming of age drama about fears, idols and love...

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WATER!_mikel rueda_15min_2012_SPAIN_fiction
Guille and Alex don’t know each other. Each of them leads their lives in their own way. They live according to how they have been taught and raised. Although they come from different worlds, they are united by something – their passion for swimming. And today, there’s a competition.

UNDER THE PILLOW_isabel herguera_9min_2012_SPAIN_animation/documentary
Animated documentary which uses the voices and drawings of a group of children who live in a clinic in India. The guitar, the dances, a trip out to sea, the cats Sweety and Kitty, and the sisters who look after them are just some of the treasures and dreams which the children keep hidden under the pillow.

DEUS ET MACHINA_koldo almandoz_9min_2012_SPAIN_fiction/experiment
The employee comes to the factory every day. He is the only person who is qualified to do his particular job. It is precise, mundane, and repetitive work. Every morning he goes through the same drill, starting up each machine.
Today, though, he has made a decision...

MONSTERS DO NOT EXIST_paul urkijo_10min_2012_SPAIN_fiction
Nai is a child who lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Recently, he is having nightmares about the Yeak, a Khmer monster that eats naughty children. Michael, his English teacher at school, tells him that monsters don’t exist. He assures him that they are just children’s fantasies. The truth, however, is very different.

VOICE OVER_martin rosete_10min_2012_SPAIN_fiction/experiment
I-won’t-tell-you-whose voice over guides us through three extreme situations which are actually the same. Will you survive?

201.2FM_denes ruzsa_6min_2012_HUNGARY_experiment
New year, same crisis. Something has been broken in our relationship with our surroundings and environment. The film shows that crisis is directing us toward a complete change.

AUTOPORTRAIT_natali ilchuk_5min_2011_UKRAINE_experiment
Experimental animation created with the use of documentary chronicles.

HISTORY OF FIASCO_natali ilchuk_3min_2012_UKRAINE_animation
A story of a romantic engineer who is in love with a shop assistant takes place in the middle of Soviet 1980ies. The engineer fails at everything he does and is left lonely and brokenhearted.

BODILESS LOVERS_natali ilchuk_18min_2008_UKRAINE_experiment
Two people live in different worlds (planets, parallel structures...) - they meet only when they fall asleep, without their corporal envelopes. In their most perceptible embodiment they're surrounded by poetic images and musical fantasies. Coming back into the reality they leave a part of themselves in another space, becoming unsuitable in society and turning into bodiless lovers. Millions of cars hurry in unknown directions in a dark night. Are you one of the passengers?

FAREWELL_natali ilchuk_3min_2011_UKRAINE_experiment
Short film about two shirts in love. The end of relationship of two people doesn't mean the end of relationship of their clothes.

ANIMAL DAY_tommi seitajoki_23min_2011_FINLAND_fiction
Ylva lives an isolated life within four walls and spends her time by spying on her neighbor Henrik, who she is secretly in love with. One day, a masquerade is arranged in the city. Ylva puts on a cat mask and sets out to meet Henrik under her hidden identity.

PERSPECTIVE_dave lojek_4min_2010_SLOVAKIA_fiction/experiment
You make things more complicated by forgetting how easy they can be. A student, a goddess and a dog meet under quiant circumstances in a turned world.

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ABRIL_victor palacios_13min_2012_ARGENTINA/SPAIN_fiction
Abril has a perfect life. Until one day she receives an unexpected visit...

ARENA_eduard bordukov_21min_2012_RUSSIA_fiction
It is Moscow. Arena. There is a cruel labyrinth of courtyard which is impossible to escape. There are three of them: Uzbek guy and two policemen. They are victims. Their fate is decided. Nobody will help them – people are thirsting for bread and circuses.

ENCOUNTER_georgy soldatov&nikolay kuzmin_8min_2011_RUSSIA_fiction
Love is never over. Even if beloved falls in war battle he will come back anyway as he promissed...At least in reminiscences.

AWAY_anna sarukhanova_17min_2012_RUSSIA_fiction
The young man gets a job offer abroad and has to leave his native town for several years. A choice is to be done – whether to leave habitual environment and connection with some plans for the uncertainity or to stay and continue living at the place so well known from childhood not interrupting started relations with girlfriend and now leaving grandparents forever...

F5_timofey zhalnin_33min_2012_RUSSIA_fiction/experiment
Kate and Galya are two students of Chelyabinsk Institute of Culture. They are sent to an international festival with choreographic performance. Girls believe that their modernistic dance will impress the audiences and the jury...

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WE ARE NOT SLAVES_ainur askarov_16min_2012_RUSSIA_fiction
The story of a small boy in the besieged Leningrad during the 2nd World War.

HOKKU_sergey velikoredchanin_19min_2012_RUSSIA_fiction
By the will of fate an ordinary manager comes to a Japanese restaurant where he meets a girl in love with Japanese poetry. The mutual sympathy and love for magical Japanese poetry open the hero's heart and leads him towards his fate.

THE QUEEN'S BATH_maya kosa&sergio da costa_37min_2012_SWITZERLAND_documentary
Elsa returns to her homeland, Caldas Da Rainha in Portugal, where the world's first spa hospital was constructed. She goes there to meet her mother. We discover the city and the activities of its inhabitants, as well as elements of Elsa's family history. An impressionist portrait is woven.

BLACK MULBERRY_gabriel razmadze_21min_2012_FRANCE/GEORGIA_fiction
In the mining city of Chiatura (Georgia), two teenagers spend a day together, far from their respective lives.

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FIBONACCI BREAD_danijel zezelj_8min_2012_CROATIA_animation
Fibo the baker makes bread and rolls every night, and in the morning, he rides his bicycle through the labyrinth of the city to take them to his customers. During an afternoon nap, a dream reveals to him the geometrical golden rule behind the pattern of his daily routine. This discovery leads to the encounter with the city's secret and most unusual visitor...

SON OF SATAN_marko djeska_10min_2012_CROATIA_animation
A benign demon deeply disapointed with his life in hell and drunkard father one day decides to leave his home...

WHY ELEPHANTS?_marko mestrovic_8min_2012_CROATIA_animation
Character is trying to give an answer on a simple question. He is wondering through the labyrinth of intuitive visions. In some way this question determines his life. His answer is again the same...Do we have answers on important questions at all?

MEAT_ivan mirko senjanovic_8min_2012_CROATIA_animation
Short story about meat...

DEAR KENO_natko stipanicev_6min_2012_CROATIA_animation
A young, innocent country girl comes to big city for work. There she meets charming, older business man and their lives intertwine.

THE TALE OF THE WALL INHABITANTS_andrej boka_16min_2012_SERBIA_fiction
The conflict between door and windows is threatening to escalate.

LECEDRA_jivko darakchiev_30min_2012_BULGARIA/FRANCE_documentary/experiment
An intimate portrait of a village in the Bulgarian Balkans which is progressively invaded by foreign elements. We share a meal, revive an old cinema house, and intrude on the privacy of several animals. The spaces encountered become a visual playground where unexpected relationships are created and a new topology is established.

ONE_matija radeljak_15min_2011_CROATIA_fiction
She reached the botton. He is about to...

LEADER_gabriel tzafka_27min_2011_SERBIA/GREECE_fiction
Boris is a twelve year old boy who lives with his grandparent in Serbia. They both earn their living by playing music on trains. One night an unknown woman appears out of nowhere claiming she is Boris's mother. Since he moved to Athens five years later his way of life has radically changed, likewise himself.

KLUB GROMKA_metelkova_ljubljana_SLO

5th edition of LISFF transnational short film festival presents 82 short films of all styles coming from 27 different countries. All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles. Entrance to the screenings is free.