100 short films from 40 different countries
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POSTMODERN TIMES_julia frick_9min_AUSTRIA_2011_fiction
An enlightened and comic look at the home-office lifestyle 2.0 of today.

STRANDGUT_anne braun_17min_GERMANY_2011_fiction
Otto from Germany and Elsa from Sweden happen to meet on the beach. They don´t speak the same language, they have never seen each other before, but they seem to be connected.

SATU?_nadiya bikolon_13min_UKRAINE_2011_animation
Animation about the girl who wanted miracles in her life (to jump over the clouds, to see amazing people and things, and to have a dog...)

EFECTO DOMINO_gabriel gauchet_28min_CUBA/GERMANY_2010_fiction
Nightime in a quarter of Havana. A couple of men are playing a game of dominos while the women pass the time gossiping. Out of blue, a man finds the granddaughter of Mercedes and Ramon at a park close by. It looks like she has been raped.

1937_svetozar golovlev_18min_RUSSIA_2011_fiction
1937. A young couple is going to a village somewhere outside Moscow to baptize their child secretly. They see a train with convicts passing by the station they just arrived at. Suddenly a letter falls out of one of the cars. The main characters understand that it is a letter home. The follow-up boils down to painful struggle between their conscience and fear. They are well aware that helping the letter reach the addressee will be regarded as collaborationism, for which they may be prosecuted.

THE CAT_george ungar_3min_CANADA_2010_experiment
Like wild animals who go to mysterious watering holes in the jungle to quench their thirst, human beings too seek out passion in secret journeys to riverbanks of sexual desire. The Cat is an experimental film/poem about this powerful human experience.

OVERTURE_dan sachar_30min_ISRAEL_2011_fiction/experiment
The abstract story about a lone survivor lost in a dying world. A man struggles to connect pieces from his daily scavenging routine and bits from his repressed memory. When a woman appears in his desolate forest world, she's intent on making him face his past and consequent fate.

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HAIKUS FOR KARAOKE_roberto santaguida_5min_ITALY/CANADA_2011_experiment
Haikus constructed from found Kakaoke videos.

I DON´T FEEL LIKE DANCING_joachim dollhopf&evi goldbrunner_7min_GERMANY_2008_fiction
Somewhere in a warzone. Three young stationed soldiers try to divert themselves from their everyday wartime existence. One of them takes notice of a local girl. The comrades follow her...

BLANCHE FRAISE_frederick tremblay_17_min_CANADA_2011_animation
A rabbit couple tries to survive in a dying forrest...

POTABLE_jaryl lim&kew lim_10min_SINGAPORE_2011_experiment
Just another day at work for an agent. Inspecting a possibly contaminated water catchment area turns into a decision that could change the course of history.

THE OUTING_mark la rosa_14min_AUSTRALIA_2011_fiction
George is a shadow of his former self after an accident has left him with a brain injury. One morning his ex partner Lena arrives to take him out for the day. Together they take the first steps toward a new life.

MWANSA THE GREAT_rungano nyoni_23min_ZAMBIA/UK_2011_fiction
While trying to prove he is a hero, Mwansa does the unforgivable and accidentally breaks his sisters´ magic mud doll. He goes on a quest not only to fix it, but to finally prove that he is `Mvansa the Great`.

SOUNDLESS_siegmund skalar_14min_AUSTRIA_2011_fiction
Two young people share the dream of being artist. They have to accept daytime jobs in order to make a living.

MATADOR_maurizio von trapp_6min_UK_2011_experiment
Matador takes an extreme and experimental approach to a subject so dear to cinema –
voyeurism – whilst extending it to a wider context.

LA DETENTE_pierre ducos&bertrand bey_9min_FRANCE_2011_animation
In a trench during the first world war, a French soldier becomes paralysed with fear. His mind disconnects from reality and escapes to a world where wars are fought by toys…

DECAPODA SHOCK_javier chillon_9min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
An astronaut returns to Earth after fatal accident on a distant planet.

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PUPPETS_michal mroz&marta szymanek_2min_POLAND_2008_animation
Stop motion animation about puppeter and his puppets.

FROM SIDE TO SIDE_jaanis valk_28min_ESTONIA_2009_documentary
While today we need our health, and home, tomorrow we might be forgotten.
Film about an ordinary working day of the ward for persons without health insurance.

FJORD_skule eriksen_24min_NORWAY_2010_doc/experiment
The film Fjord was short in Nærøyfjor, one of the narrowest fjords if Western Norway...

OUR FATHER_marius ivaskevicius_28min_LITHUANIA_2010_fiction
They seem to be an ordinary family. Bored sons are watching TV, the mother is sitting at a kitchen table and writing a letter and the daughter is preparing dinner. Only when the authoritarian father appears does it become clear that their family ties are not based on love but on absolute obedience. The family sits to dinner together attempting to perform everyday rituals but each action is streaked with fear. After a short visit made by the father, the house is filled with silence. The terrifying truth will come to light a moment later.

IN ICEDORAS´ DANCE_tatiana ishina_17min_RUSSIA_2011_fiction/experiment/dance
A parable about features of love of women at different ages, which is expressed in a dance.

HAPPINESS_michal mroz_8min_POLAND_2008_animation
Stop motion animation about sorrow, loneliness, sadness, but also about happiness.

KATEBEGITIK_iban del campo_8min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
A million keys a day could be a great excuse to trigger passion.

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THE HOLY CHICKEN OF LIFE AND MUSIC_nomint_3min_GREECE_2010_animation_english dialogue
Story of Holy Chicken, magnificent beast, worshiped and exploited, in a tale of love and regret, art and science, Life and Music.

ICE FLOWERS_susan gordamshekan_30min_GERMANY_2011_fiction
Amir does not have a residence permit. His mother denies any contact to him and he is fighting against his own repressed agressions. A secret burden lies on the shoulders of this young Bosnian...

EXTRA VIRGIN_uygar demoğlu_7min_TURKEY_2011_experiment/doc
Naked adolescent bodies lying on the ground, jugs of extra virgin olive oil are the heralds of a 600 year old culture, language and fight.

ARBEIT MACHT FREI_uygar demoğlu_6min_TURKEY_2011_experiment/doc
Did work make us free? Or did a (fake) plenty determine our boundaries?

MARIONETTE_minos nikolakakis_10min_GREECE_2007_animation
Once upon a time and place, there was a toy – maker, living alone, in a cabin up on a mountain. He created a wooden puppet, as an opponent for his games of chess. But can a puppet become a worthy opponent? Unless...

TIMI_cristi iftime_12min_ROMANIA_2009_fiction
Timi - a ten years old boy with a behavioral disorder is on the seaside for the very first time...

INTERSTICES_michel pavlou_4min_GREECE/NORWAY_2009_experiment
A series of scenes shot in the underground station, edited to the rhythm of the trains´ automatic doors. The film moves in the interstices of time and space, adressing the tensions between static and dynamic, actual and virtual, fiction and reality.

THE LIFE_gokhan dumanli_19min_TURKEY_2011_fiction
Esra and Kaan are a married couple. One day Esra learns that her tests at hospital are HIV positive. Kaan is in love with a man for a long time, and he admits that. He blames himself... 

THE HAPPY LIFE_minos nikolakakis_8min_GREECE_2009_fiction/animation
A cartoon artist. His wife. His characters. Happy life.

Who is Ljubomir Kuveljic? Photographer? Sports forecast player? Guiness record holder? Or chess player? Who is Ljubo?

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A STROLL THROUGH THE NIGHT_siegmund skalar_4min_AUSTRIA_2011_experiment/animation
A study of urban city lighting.

ANTITHESIS_natalia de la vega_12min_ARGENTINA_2011_experiment/dance/fiction
A woman falls to the floor and before her death occurs she is a victim of an inner struggle: violence and loneliness burst into her body transforming it. This happens in the last thousandth of a second in her life.

Life is good and idyllic in a fairytale village of Nix...until an all – devouring monster appears. Young Willy has to fight it. Alone.

SEE ME_joonas rutanen_15min_FINLAND_2011_fiction
Saana wants to be found...

CRECE_laura calavia safont_18min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
Silvia is tired of everything going wrong. She has decided to die, but even suicidal plans go wrong!

LUCIANO_dani de la orden&cyprien clement-delmas_11min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
Luciano is making a special circuit for someone very special.

BITTER MILK_nasser zamiri_29min_IRAN/AFGHANISTAN_2011_fiction
As a result of bombarding, many people of the war-torn Afghanistan have gone homeless and more poverty-stricken. In order to earn a living and after many sufferings, Azizs´ family and some other Afghan families are going to Pakistani border with their infants to...

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IN OUR HANDS_peter bruenner_28min_AUSTRIA/USA_2011_fiction_english dialogues
A train from Los Angeles to San Diego. Each passenger has a different story. But they are all headed for the same abrupt end.

HIDDEN PRACTICES_mascha gugganig_7min_AUSTRIA_2011_documentary/experiment
A dismantled house reveals different layers of history and is destined eventually to disappear. The finalized product, a new house, appears as a cohesive, static masterpiece that the architect is congratulated for.

THE LAST BUS_maria hengge_11min_AUSTRIA_2008_fiction_english dialogues
A stranded woman from the sea, a tired man from Asia and a last bus driver from Lisbon meet at the abyss of life and connect their journey into the night.

THE LAST GUEST_markus engel_15min_AUSTRIA_2011_fiction
Late night in a Viennese bar: Peter, the barman, is having a final drink with his friend and last customer Andi. But what starts as a mundane conversation among friends quickly turns into a situation of life and death.

VANISHING POINT_markus keim&beate hecher_16min_AUSTRIA_2010_experiment
Between glance and glance we are blind. The picture we have of our environment, is by short closing of the eyes already lying in the past. Vanishing point looks for these gaps in the human perception – for the visible and invisible, the emerging and disappearance, process and result.

FOAL_christoph rainer_15min_AUSTRIA_2011_fiction
A young woman is awaiting a baby. Enthusiastic she hurls herself in her “new” family, but the man is fearful and uncertain about their marriage. The forced family structures are crumbling away...

Socialism Failed, Capitalism is Bankrupt. What comes Next?_oliver ressler_19min_AUSTRIA/ARMENIA_2010_documentary
Short documentary focuses on the political and economic situation in the Republic of Armenia, one of the successor states of the Soviet Union. The film was recorded in summer 2010 in Yerevan’s largest bazaar, called “Bangladesh”. Every day more than 1000 people try to survive as traders in the “Bangladesh” bazaar, where an average vendor does not earn more than 100 to 250 Euros per month. In the film, the market’s traders talk about their struggles to survive during crises in a post-socialist state that closed most Soviet-era factories and dissolved social safety nets.

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SZOFITA LAND_zsofia tari_6min_HUNGARY_2010_animation/musical_english dialogue
How does a ring comes into existence? Welcome to Szofita Lands´ fantasy world and musical imaginary factory.

DREAM OF 1st APRIL 1999_david b_6min_FRANCE_2011_animation
A little boy is walking in the snow. He is lost. A black monster takes him by the hand and guides him into the world of the books that look inside your soul...

HELLVILLE_laurent durieux_4min_FRANCE_2011_animation
Hellville seems to have found its bizarre balance through a traffic system exclusively made of pedal vehicles...until the day the roaring engine of motorbike resonates through its streets.

EGARO_bruno salamone_6min_FRANCE_2011_animation
A sad and lonely little man dreams of having the courage to get out of his house to meet the woman he loves.

BRANDT RHAPSODIE_francois avril_6min_FRANCE_2011_animation
The ordinary tragedy of romantic encounter, sung by Benjamin Biolay and Jeanne Cherhal.

THE KNOT_kuzma vostrikov_10min_RUSSIA_2010_fiction
It is a film-metaphor. Before we thought that being man born in the totalitarian USSR is something one should be proud of. And now look what is there left of us in the new Russia. Can a man lead a normal life doubting in his country and in his past?

NO WAY BACK_shariff korver_25min_THE NETHERLANDS_2011_fiction
“No Way Back” is a suspenseful psychological drama that takes place in a Dutch refugee centre. The story revolves around a Dutch employee, Mark, who befriends one of the centre's inhabitants, Said. When Said is forced to leave Holland by the authorities, Mark learns how differences between fact and intuition often give a conflicting sense of reality.

LOOP_aritz moreno_3min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
A man gets up and prepares coffee. A man gets up and prepares coffee. A man gets up and prepares coffee.

HALF AS BAD_sergio barrejon_15min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
At dawn, an executive is about to shoot himself in his office. When he is just about to pull the trigger, the unexpected arrival of the cleaning lady interrupts him. The executive can only manage to hide and spy on her.

WHO LASTS LONGER_gregorio muro_12min_SPAIN_2011_animation
A dangerous children’s' game will disrupt the lives of Ander and his family forever.

COPTOS_alvaro sau_16min_SPAIN/EGYPT_2011_documentary
Farid is thirty-three years old. After years of living on the edge, he left his job at McDonald's where he worked and retired to the desert. In the arid valley of Ryan, far away from Cairo, the revolution, the world, he drives his tractor and prays.

FINALE_balazs simonyi_8min_HUNGARY_2011_fiction
Two men are waiting in the night for their greatest hits.

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GREGOR_petra zlonoga_3min_CROATIA_2011_animation_english dialogue
Gregor thinks a lot. Maybe even too much…

TIDE_alen zanjko_6min_CROATIA_2011_animation
When the moon is full and the tide is high, strange things begin to happen.

PSYCHOMORPH_branko farac_7min_CROATIA_2011_animation
Film about identity loss in the totalitarian world of computer technology.

POLITICS_nedjeljko dragic_2min_CROATIA_2011_animation
Rudy is a typical “small man”, unmarried, lives in the city, enslaved by the four walls, “normal society” frustrates him...

DOCUMENT_nedjeljko dragic_2min_CROATIA_2011_animation
Rudy is a typical “small man”, unmarried, lives in the city, enslaved by the four walls, “normal society” frustrates him...

TERRORISM_nedjeljko dragic_2min_CROATIA_2011_animation
Rudy is a typical “small man”, unmarried, lives in the city, enslaved by the four walls, “normal society” frustrates him...

THE SOUL ORNAMENT_irena jukic pranjic_10min_CROATIA_2011_animation
The film visualises a saying that´s often used in figurative speech, when people reffer to an event, landscape or custom as embeded in them.

LURE_dinko kumanovic_4min_CROATIA_2011_animation
The sea, a man, fish...a couple of wonders and human weaknesses.

ESCARGOT_manuel sumberac_9min_CROATIA_2011_animation_
Two armies of snails in a fight for the same purpose – the last bud on the stem. But the bud belongs to another world...

THE ROOM_ivana juric_5min_CROATIA_2011_animation
A hotel room. A woman doll is waiting for the call from her lover doll. His arrival and their sexual intercourse are like a ritual for her, which takes her into a floating, pleasing state of mind. She opens herself to the man through sex, while the man doll considers it all as relieving himself, after which he just vanishes into thin air. The doll remains alone in the empty room, disappointed and hurt.

ADIEU, N_barbara vekaric_15min_CROATIA_2011_fiction
Maja is a self destructive girl, living in the memories of her past relationship with boyfriend Nikola. To finally say goodbye to Nikola, Maja decides to destroy all their memories by making them less special, by repeating them. So, Adieu, N.

LAST LUNCH_miha subic_4min_SLOVENIA_2011_animation
Hungry mister comes to a fancy restaurant and orders a meal. Waiter takes his order and walks into the kitchen. Starving guest is waiting for his meal, while the waiter collects the ingredients.

US_midhat ajanovic_8min_Bosnia&Herzegovina_2011_animation
A black humor satire about mans´ violent nature. It tells us that the history of mankind is the history of violence that repeats cyclically.

TWO_mickey nedimovic_25min_GERMANY_2012_fiction
Croatia, 1992. Two marksmen – Robert, a Croat, and Stojan, a Serb – wander aimlessly through desolate countryside when their paths unexpectedly cross...

BREATH_ban attila_8min_ROMANIA_2011_fiction
A lakeside love triangle with a twist.

MEZZANINE_dalibor matanic_14min_CROATIA_2011_fiction
Story set in an alienated city ruled by merciless principles of corporate society, in which a young woman consents to be reduced to mere human flesh, as it is the only way into the game of survival. Her mother encourages the daughter to embark into this merciless world, becoming aware that her own child is irreversibly damaged. The two of them play a silent game with its main goal - solving the existence problems - achieved, yet they are aware that the aftermath is more than present.

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At the other edge of universe, in a forest of giant trees, one piece of fruit falls to the ground: it half-opens one eye, then the other…a creature is born! The story of species begins. But has not it been written already?

THE EPHEMERAL VILLAGE_allan brown_9min_CANADA_2011_doc/experiment
An ice fishing village emerges for a few weeks during the winter months. Each year, its existence becomes less and less certain. A short exploration of the tension between our sense of place and the changing of environment, set in a village whose very foundation melts away every year.

TONIGHT IS NOT A GOOD NIGHT FOR DYING_ali asgari_5min_IRAN_2011_fiction
At night, all is quiet but the silence is broken by the sound of a man falling.

ACHEMI (MY NAME IS)_aina gomez piza_20min_SPAIN/GHANA_2011_documentary
Mary coffie, founder of the Otrokper orphanage home, tells us the stories of the orphans she takes in. The loss of their families draws a new and larger family in the orphanage, with Mary coffie as their common mother.

SCARECROW_alzbeta gavendova_20min_SLOVAKIA_2011_documentary
Documentary full of firemen, theater, traditions and scarecrows.

LUCKY DAY FOREVER_alek wasilewski_17min_POLAND_2011_animation
Prole 514 dreams about winning the Great Lottery. The lottery winner is transformed and allowed admission into the elite White society, where everyone is beautiful, young and happy and people spend their carefree lives solely on fun and partying. On day, 514s´ wish comes true...but?

ROAD TO_taisiya igumentseva_31min_RUSSIA_2011_fiction
The main character Sergey works as a shop assistant in department of unusual goods, his life doesn’t differ from lives of millions people…until the night falls on the city.

GRIDE_michal mroz_14min_POLAND_2011_animation
Stop motion animation about robot, who can´t find self a place in society.

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NO WALL OR DOOR_patricia brasia&nuno castilho_11min_PORTUGAL_2011_documentary
No wall or door, depicts what may be the oldest street of Porto, Portugal. A record of the daily life of merchants and residents of the Cimo de Vila street.

NO PROSPECTS_laudena brostok_16min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
A mother always wants the best for her son.

STUCK_karolina kubrinskaya_20min_RUSSIA_2011_fiction
Short film about young ivestigative journalist from Moscow and her night encounters on the way home.

DELETE_kazem mollaie_11min_IRAN_2011_fiction
A man is doing an experiment on deleting his life.

LEAVE_talat gokdemir_12min_UK_2011_fiction
Short drama set in the urban bleakness of a London neighbourhood. It is the story of Maria, a young woman who has accepted her lifestyle - abusement and domination by Juan, who loves her in his own way and who she loves in her way. This is a relationship in the most unorthodox sense.

LOOKING FOR ILONGA_tim huebschle_18min_NAMIBIA_2011_fiction
One day a man arrives at Simon's home and claims that his wife Elizabeth has borrowed a lot of money from him - and indeed she did. Simon is faced with one option only: he has to repay his family's debts. Ripped from his comfortable rural lifestyle, he travels far away to the big city, hoping to work off the debts. But from the moment he sets foot in the city, everything seems to be against Simon...

LETTER OF A MAN TO MAN_fjodor donderer_18min_GERMANY_2011_fiction/experiment
Jonas was a 21-year-old man. He was poor. And he did nothing to improve his situation.

DIVING INTO HELENA_julianna schwindt_5min_ARGENTINA_2010_fiction
Elena is inmersed in a world that only she sees.

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RENOVATION_paul negoescu_25min_ROMANIA_2009_fiction
A family renovate their apartment. The grandma, the mother and the son have different priorities...

THE COUNTING DEVICE_daniel sandu_20min_ROMANIA_2011_fiction
Mirce, an old employee at the National Company of Motorways and National Roads wants to get George – his nephew – hired at the same company. Because of their different opinions about their work their friendship eventually turns into a conflict.

FOX_petra zlonoga_2min_CROATIA_2011_animation
A fox crossed my mind. ”Do not be afraid, all the traps you see have been made by the fox, for the fox, while the fox was not looking.”

SILENT RIVER_anca miruna lazarescu_30min_ROMANIA_2011_fiction
Romania, 1986: Gregor and Vali want to get away. Both need each other, yet there is mutual distrust. One night Gregor finds his doubts confirmed. In the end only hope is left.

TIME OF THE PLUMS_sezen kayhan_10min_TURKEY_2011_fiction
What a deaf girl living in a coastal town experiences between fantasy and reality during the time of the plums.

A DAY ON THE DRINA_ines tanovic_17min_Bosnia&Herzegovina_2011_documentary
A long summer day on the river Drina…This may sound like a serene picnic… And it would be, hadn’t the river retreated to its riverbed…Summer looks so carefree in a hot Sarajevo.

MY TIRED FATHER_maya vitkova_14min_BULGARIA_2011_fiction
8 year-old Daria thinks she hears a mouse in the middle of the night. But when she wakes up her father for help, bigger family problems come to light.

TIME OF INTIMACY_milos milosevic_8min_SERBIA_2011_fiction
The story of first and last sexual experience.

100 short films from 40 different countries
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