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ZOOM AUSTRIA short film day in Skopje is presenting newest contemporary short and documentary film productions from young Austrian film directors. All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles.   

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The Last Guest
Director: Markus Engel
15 min.
Late night in a Viennese bar: Peter, the barman, is having a final drink with his friend and last customer Andi. But what starts as a mundane conversation among friends quickly turns into a situation of life and death.

Director: Christoph Rainer
16 min.
A young woman is awaiting a baby. Enthusiastic she hurls herself in her “new” family, but the man is fearful and uncertain about their marriage. The forced family structures are crumbling away...

The Last Bus
Director: Maria Hengge
11 min.
A stranded woman from the sea, a tired man from Asia and a last bus driver from Lisbon meet at the abyss of life and connect their journey into the night.

Stick No Bills
Director: Oliver WERANI
54 min.
Documentary about how big companies are going to squeeze sub cultural interests out of public space to gain more profit. Hence no public space will be left to advertise small cultural events or political statements. Some even see the freedom of expression in danger but there are still people left putting up posters illegally despite high fines.

Socialism Failed, Capitalism is Bankrupt. What comes Next?
Director: Oliver Ressler
19 min.
Short documentary focuses on the political and economic situation in the Republic of Armenia, one of the successor states of the Soviet Union. The film was recorded in summer 2010 in Yerevan’s largest bazaar, called “Bangladesh”. Every day more than 1000 people try to survive as traders in the “Bangladesh” bazaar, where an average vendor does not earn more than 100 to 250 Euros per month. In the film, the market’s traders talk about their struggles to survive during crises in a post-socialist state that closed most Soviet-era factories and dissolved social safety nets.

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Postmodern Times
Director: Julia Frick
9 min.
An enlightened and comic look at the home-office lifestyle 2.0 of today.

Director: Siegmund Skalar
14 min.
Two young people share the dream of being artist. They have to accept daytime jobs in order to make a living.

Director: Birgit BERGMANN, Stefanie FRANZ, Oliver WERANI
73 min.
This documentary accompanies the truck squad Treibstoff („Fuel“) for one year in their search for a home. The idea of vehicle sites is fairly new in Austria and confronted with quite a few problems. We experience first hand their major efforts for a political solution to legalize vehicle sites in Vienna. They express their hopes, wishes, motivations, fears or anger and move like an odyssey from fallow land to fallow land. The landowners are not interested in this alternative life-style and always come up with the same excuse: Something will be built here!

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Untitled Brazil Project
Director: Christoph RAINER
12 min.
Inmidst hectic Rio de Janeiro a street musician, a young director, the massive statue of Christ and even a computer avatar interact in this multi-layered father-son tale.

Director: Eni BRANDNER
9 min.
2012_documentary/experimentLandscape that is used to supply the city. Cars flash across the road, passing oil pumps and wind turbines, periphery and suburbs move by in accelerated speed. Through streets, along facades right into the maze of the city. The view to the horizon changes continuously in a sublime accumulation of things that are seemingly supplied in abundance. Ever changing fragments of a city, that has been growing over the centuries, dance along the streets in their varied stylistic interpretations.

Director: Michael KREN & Mirjam BAKER
2 min.
A glimpse into the life in a fictional city while the camera is flying gently through the street canyons.

Director: Natalie HALLA
60 min.
In Slovakia, behind walls built to separate the Romani ethnicity from the “white” population, babies are born in precarious conditions. In Palestine, a civilian population’s life passes in the shadow of a concrete wall eleven meters high. Beyond that wall, family, land, and jobs are left behind. In Western Sahara, in an attempt to create a safe zone, young women risk their lives removing landmines from the 3,000 kilometer strip of sand wall that separates them from their land and families. SEPARATED, through the voices of its protagonists, speaks of three peoples’ struggle to survive. Their common destiny unites them: exclusion and oblivion.

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ЗУМ АВСТРИЈА - ден на краткиот филм во Скопје - ви ги презентира најновите современи продукции на кратки и документарни филмови од млади австриски режисери. Сите филмови ќе бидат прикажани на оригиналните јазици со превод на англиски.   


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