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A remote face-off between a group of demonstrators and the security forces in the chiaroscuro of a urban landscape. "Shadowlands" builds it's imagery on the analogy between the cinematic and the historical processes.
Director: Michel Pavlou
Norway, 2011, 8'

Behind the Door
A stop-motion animated graduation film about a dark world where a girl and a man are trapped in a strange net, where life unfolds rapidly until roles are suddenly reversed.
Director: Helga Fjeldså&Stein-Christian Fagerbakken
Norway, 2011, 11'

Nesting Place
A woman has obsessive-compulsive thoughts about a certain knife and killing her husband. She is afraid that she might actually hurt someone so she goes to see a psychologist to get help.
Director: Alam Ali
Norway, 2011, 14'

Having survived the end of the world, two Norwegians have spent the last twenty years in a cramped space station. Waiting to be saved by the ship Vascodagama, Mikkel tries to keep his spirits high, while Gard starts to lose patience.
Director: Kalle Doniselli Gulbrandsen
Norway, 2011, 14'

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HYPERMARKET NATION_paula korva_FINLAND_2011_26min
Brothers Ingvar and Stig Palmen run a small grocery store in the suburbs of Helsinki. The store has persisted through six decades but is now faced with fierce competition from huge hypermarkets.

MOTHERS_elina hyvarinen_FINLAND_2011_10min
A poetic short story about becoming a mother. Based on archive footage.

Katja Lautamatti_2012_finland_24min_documentary
Esther, 9 years, was born in the Middle East to parents who were illegal immigrant workers from Nigeria. The film is a portrait of Esther, a child ever prepared to pack her bags.

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A girl is looking for her dead boyfriend in the mythological Sami landscape. She turns to an old woman, who is a noaide, for help.
Director: Tuva Synnevåg
Norway, 2009, 9’

Fifteen-year-old Valentina moves from Russia to Norway, to her mother and her mother's Norwegian fiancé...
Director: Hanne Larsen
Norway, 2006, 28'

Strange Fish
On a wind-swept island in the North Sea, Margarethe has served her traditional fish stew in her diner for years. One day, the lovely Julia unexpectedly moves into the closed down fish factory next door and opens a Sushi Bar. Margarethe takes up the fight against this strange new way of eating fish.
Director: Mikal Hovland
Norway, 2011, 24'

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I'VE BEEN HERE_sarasvati shrestha_SWEDEN_2012_14min
Tyra is 13 years old. Through her everyday life and its unexpected turns, we get to know Tyra and her thoughts. A state of clarity and total confusion. A story about liberation, dreams and standing up for yourself.

NEXT DOOR LETTERS_sascha fulscher_SWEDEN_2011_14min
Lilja and Sandra decide to play Melitta a prank by sending her a love letter signed with an invented name – a boy’s. When Lilja receives a letter in return the correspondence leads to something entirely else.

SEAWEED_ ida svenonius_SWEDEN_2010_5min
Set in the Swedish archipelago, Seaweed tells the story of an adolescent girl's sudden confrontation with her biggest phobia.

SNAIL IN SPACE_ sanne hellberg_SWEDEN_2012_10min
Mega missiles on a spaceship are pointing at Earth, ready to evaporate all humankind. The only one who can save the planet is a tiny, cowardly snail. We follow his adventurous and dangerous faceoff.

OUT OF ERASERS_erik rosenlund_SWEDEN_2011_15min
A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection.
She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work.
While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

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I Love You Too
Semir has spent the last two years living in his homeland Bosnia and in Norway. With a wife and child both in Mostar and Lillehammer, unaware of each others existence, the is living a double life.
Director: Dino Murselovic
Norway, 2012, 25’

One morning, in a gravity-less surreal world, a "sniffer" at a deodorant factory, has to be saved from the ceiling by his wife.
Director: Bobbie Peers
Norway, 2006, 10’

Water Lilies in Bloom
The suspended synchronized swimming guru Labanosov entices overweight women to join him in his mission to prove Isaac Newton wrong at the Championships.
Director: Emil Stang Lund
Norway, 2010, 15’

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SUPERVENUS_frederic doazan_2013_FRANCE_3min
A plastic surgeon creates in real time the new Venus.

STOCKHOLM_alvaro martin_SPAIN_2013_8min
Tomas lives in a small trailer on the outskirts of the city. One day at school he is commissioned to write a short essay about his father

RAKES' COMMITMENT_santi veiga_SPAIN_2012_14min
Rakes' commitment is a parable, with a lighthearted and humorous tone, about social commitment and love, an unusual and memorable character, who needs to find something in life to commit to.

DAYBREAK_george ungar_2013_CANADA_7min
»Opening our eyes each new day, we stare for a few minutes into space, seeing the first hearing the first sounds. It is neither night nor day something in – between.«

AB OVO_anita kwiatkowska – naqvi_POLAND_2013_5min
Imagine your body stops being only yours. Someone starts to live inside you, changing the rules, taking more and more space, a milimeter every day, not caring that he almost makes you explode. Would you be able to love this thing and call it your child?

NGUTU_felipe del olmo/daniel valledor_SPAIN_2012_5min
Ngutu is a newspaper street vendor who hardly sells any copies at all. Resentful, he starts watching the passerby closely in order to make progress in his business.

VIGIA_marcel barelli_SWITZERLAND_2013_8min
»My grandfather is telling me a story that he made out, and asks me to make a film out of it: because of the pollution, pesticides, and other toxic substances, a bee decided to leave her hive, looking for a more comfortable place for her to move in.«

DJI. DEATH FAILS_dmitri voloshin_MOLDAVIA_2012_4min
Dji is a terribly unlucky grim reaper. All he has to do is to collect the soul of a dying man.
ZOOM SHORTfilm NIGHT in Jerusalem presents a selection of newest short and documentary films of different styles and approaches from young film directors from many different countries and the programming represents a glimpse into the current, mostly independent and non – commercial international filmmaking. Final programming includes special Nordic focus on Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish filmmakers.

All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles.

Production of ZOOM short film NIGHT in Jerusalem is being organized and coordinated by transnational short film festival Ljubljana International Short Film Festival >www.lisff.blogspot.com< (Slovenia) which is annually and continually presenting young international and Balkan cinema in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as well as in other countries.
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