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CIVIL SERVANT P327JUM_johan bjerkner_SWEDEN_2008_15min
Johan Grum is a civil servant. He loves to process different matters and to read reports. Most of all he likes the everyday routines when nothing out of the ordinary happens.

SEAWEED_ ida svenonius_SWEDEN_2010_5min
Set in the Swedish archipelago, Seaweed tells the story of an adolescent girl's sudden confrontation with her biggest phobia.

SNAIL IN SPACE_ sanne hellberg_SWEDEN_2012_10min
Mega missiles on a spaceship are pointing at Earth, ready to evaporate all humankind. The only one who can save the planet is a tiny, cowardly snail. We follow his adventurous and dangerous faceoff.

OUT OF ERASERS_erik rosenlund_SWEDEN_2011_15min
A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection.
She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work.
While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

I'VE BEEN HERE_sarasvati shrestha_SWEDEN_2012_14min
Tyra is 13 years old. Through her everyday life and its unexpected turns, we get to know Tyra and her thoughts. A state of clarity and total confusion. A story about liberation, dreams and standing up for yourself.

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UNDERDOG_eran merav_ISRAEL_2002_21min
Natti, a rejected boy in a boarding school, is unaware of this true situation. He meets a girl he wants and learns some painful home truths.

DIPLOMA_yaelle kayam_ISRAEL_2009_22min
It is the night of the Jewish settlment masquerade party. Fifteen year old Samer insists on taking her older sister Ayat to collect her diploma from the Palestinian University.

THE SUBSTITUTE_talya lavie_ISRAEL_2005_19min
Zohara is an Israeli soldier on an isolated military base who is about to get a much-anticipated transfer. Her hopes are shattered when her substitute appears to be suicidal.

TOLYA_rodeon brodsky_ISRAEL_2009_10min
On International Women's Day, when all his fellow alien workers call their distant wives to greet them, Tolya remains speechless as he calls Natasha, his wife. He can't pronounce anything but a whistling mumble with his toothless mouth.

COCK FIGHT_sigalit liphshitz_ISRAEL_2000_14min
It is a hot summer day. Israeli chicken breeder Marziano is driving his stock to the market with his worker. Upon arriving at Palestinian read – block, they are brought to a halt.

SLIDING FLORA_talaya lavie_ISRAEL_2003_12min
Flora is born in the field, that's what she keeps telling everyone. She is a waitress in a coffee shop that requires complex acrobatic skills. Flora can not take it anymore. But she still hasn't lost her dramatic talent...


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A DUMMY_konstantin chelidze_RUSSIA_2013_14min_fiction
There is a pre – election time in the small town. The veteran of Chechen war becomes the forced participant in a dirty political game. The day before he has a prophetic dream which changes his life.

THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE_adela kaczmarek_POLAND_2013_13min
It is an animated documentary about imagination. The protagonist lives in several realities at the same time. Real people and events intertwine with those created by his imagination. He looks for a place for himself in this world and does it in his own unique way. He spins a tale while dreaming about the rule of love in Poland.

WELCOME YANKEE_benoit desjardins_CANADA_2012_22min_fiction
Amant and Aslan are persecuted. At stake are their lives and the life of their child. Isolated from and forgotten by the rest of the world, their pleas for help go unanswered. On the other side of the Earth flies a beacon of hope, where diversity is welcomed.

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HYPERMARKET NATION_paula korva_FINLAND_2011_26min
Brothers Ingvar and Stig Palmen run a small grocery store in the suburbs of Helsinki. The store has persisted through six decades but is now faced with fierce competition from huge hypermarkets.

MOTHERS_elina hyvarinen_FINLAND_2011_10min
A poetic short story about becoming a mother. Based on archive footage.

Katja Lautamatti_2012_finland_24min_documentary
Esther, 9 years, was born in the Middle East to parents who were illegal immigrant workers from Nigeria. The film is a portrait of Esther, a child ever prepared to pack her bags.

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WHEN DID I SEE THEM KISSING_baptiste janon_BELGIUM_2013_18min
Comfortably seated in the night taxi, the driver proposes a route. He himself chooses the destination, confessing intimate journeys to the customer. Portraits and fantasies of men revealed by a daily nightlife.

NEWCOMERS_mariana duarte oliviera_BELGIUM_2013_16min
After a 10 days clandestine journey, a young couple from Iran finds asylum in Belgium. Then comes the hope of starting a new life, facing social constraints.

THE BRICK_htoo tay zar&htuu lou rae&min thu aung&yan naing ko&zin no no_POLAND_2013_15min
90 minutes drive away from Yangon - Burma's main city - there is a village in which the whole populations main activity is dedicated to the manufacture of bricks. These people - men, women, children - are devoting their lives to this demanding task, becoming part of an impressive working chain.

VIGIA_marcel barelli_ SWITZERLAND_2013_7min
Because of the pollution, a bee decides to leave her hive for a better place to live...

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A girl is looking for her dead boyfriend in the mythological Sami landscape. She turns to an old woman, who is a noaide, for help.
Director: Tuva Synnevåg
Norway, 2009, 9’

I Love You Too
Semir has spent the last two years living in his homeland Bosnia and in Norway. With a wife and child both in Mostar and Lillehammer, unaware of each others existence, the is living a double life.
Director: Dino Murselovic
Norway, 2012, 25’

One morning, in a gravity-less surreal world, a "sniffer" at a deodorant factory, has to be saved from the ceiling by his wife.
Director: Bobbie Peers
Norway, 2006, 10’

Water Lilies in Bloom
The suspended synchronized swimming guru Labanosov entices overweight women to join him in his mission to prove Isaac Newton wrong at the Championships.
Director: Emil Stang Lund
Norway, 2010, 15’
OSLOKORTFILMBY 2015 international short film festival project presents a selection of newest short and documentary films of different styles and approaches from young film directors from many different countries and the programming represents a glimpse into the current, mostly independent and non – commercial international filmmaking. Final programming includes special focus on Norwegian, Israeli, Swedish and Finnish filmmakers.

All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles.

Production of OSLOKORTFILMBY 2015 is being coordinated by transnational short film festival Ljubljana International Short Film Festival >www.lisff.blogspot.com< (Slovenia) which is annually and continually presenting young international and Balkan cinema in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as well as in other countries.
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