6th edition of LISFF transnational short film festival presents 61 short films of all styles coming from 26 different countries. All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles. Entrance to the screenings is free.


MEMORIAL_francesco filippi_2013_ITALY/USA_10min_fiction
At a war memorial a young girl meets a mysterious old man who looks like a soldier ghost. He can't remember the name of his best friend, wo died during the war.

DAYBREAK_george ungar_2013_CANADA_7min_experiment/animation
»Opening our eyes each new day, we stare for a few minutes into space, seeing the first hearing the first sounds. It is neither night nor day something in – between.«

SUPERVENUS_frederic doazan_2013_FRANCE_3min_animation
A plastic surgeon creates in real time the new Venus.

SURROUNDED_arne korner_2013_GERMANY_10min_experiment/documentary
Center of the story is a vinyl pressing plant. It is the biography of a thing, this machine. She told us with every movement and every sound her own story.

DEMONSTRATION LESSON_nataliia mashtaler_UKRAINE_2013_19min_documentary
Ukrainian police is modern European police! At any cost!

STOCKHOLM_alvaro martin_SPAIN_2013_8min_fiction
Tomas lives in a small trailer on the outskirts of the city. One day at school he is commissioned to write a short essay about his father

AQUARIUM_philippe gregoire_CANADA_2013_15min_fiction
The end of a relationship revels the emptiness left in woman's life by the one she loves.

THE WAITING ROOM_michal wawrzecki_POLAND_2012_17min_fiction
Josef K. finds himself in the waiting room of an old train station in the middle of nowhere. He’s waiting for a train which is supposed to take him to a better place, where he could start a new life. 

ALL SOULS' DAY_aleksandra terpinska_POLAND_2012_18min_fiction
On her eighteenth birthday, Lena is trying to bond with her family.  All Souls' Day, a time for contacting the dead and getting together to return to one's roots, puts our protagonist in a special mood and changes her outlook on her own problems.

THE DIVE_delphine le courtois_FRANCE_2013_10min_fiction
Thirteen years old and on the edge of adulthood, a boy on a diving board faces the unknown.


LIVING WITH LEVIATHAN_sirin bahar demirel_TURKEY_2013_12min_documentary
This is a personal story about a nationwide uprising in Turkey.

HAPPY ENDING STORY_vid mercun_SLOVENIA_2013_19min_fiction
Film captures a young girl who tries to find reasons for her gloomy state of mind with hope for some greater meaning. Through the symbolism and metaphysical view we observe her inner transformation.

THE LAST CRY OF THE DRAGON_jamil hendi_ROMANIA/GERMANY_2013_33min_fiction
Toma arrives home after a long day's work. He was laid off and has no idea how to let his wife know. She gives him a bitter welcome: the upstairs neighbor has been screaming all day and their one year old son doesn't stop crying...

THE UNDERTAKER_dragan nikoloc_SERBIA_2013_52min_documentary
A Serbian named Bata works in his father-in-law's company »Drnda International«, an understaker's business. Mr. Drnda started the company when he returned home from working as a laborer in Germany and Austria.


A DUMMY_konstantin chelidze_RUSSIA_2013_14min_fiction
There is a pre – election time in the small town. The veteran of Chechen war becomes the forced participant in a dirty political game. The day before he has a prophetic dream which changes his life.

WELCOME YANKEE_benoit desjardins_CANADA_2012_22min_fiction
Amant and Aslan are persecuted. At stake are their lives and the life of their child. Isolated from and forgotten by the rest of the world, their pleas for help go unanswered. On the other side of the Earth flies a beacon of hope, where diversity is welcomed.

COLERA_aritz moreno_SPAIN_2013_7min_fiction
Cholera: Path. Acute, infectious disease, often epidemic and very serious.

FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY_izibene onederra_SPAIN_2013_6min_animation
I told him I was a filmaker...and nothing has changed. Amid these landscapes traipses the soul, at times certain, at others uncertain of its own existence, while the body is and is and is and has no place of its own.

MINERITA_raul de la fuente_SPAIN_2013_27min_documentary
Cerro Rico in Potosi (Bolivia) is a lawless territory, characterised by brutal violence. The miners risk their lives every day, digging for silver and zinc in crumbling galleries. The ones that survive think they are entitled to anything and everything.

ONE HOUR, ONE STEP_aitor iturriza/bernat gual_SPAIN_2013_14min_fiction
Juan is Spanish and has been locked up in an Egyptian jail for 17 years. During that time, he has written two volumes of poetry, got married and had a daughter, all the while dreaming of returning to Spain in the near future...

ZELA TROVKE_asier altuna_SPAIN_2013_14min_documentary
Moritats are old folk songs about crimes and are typical of Central Europe. Zela Trovke is a moritat from Slovakia which the Holland Baroque Society has recovered to include in its Barbaric Beauty programme.

RAKES' COMMITMENT_santi veiga_SPAIN_2012_14min_fiction
Rakes' commitment is a parable, with a lighthearted and humorous tone, about social commitment and love, an unusual and memorable character, who needs to find something in life to commit to.


LEAP IN TIME_andreas reisenbauer_AUSTRIA_2010_8min_fiction
A young woman and an elder man on a park bench – but something is wrong – a filmic mediation about time and memory. 

AU PAIR_paul reisinger_AUSTRIA_2012_15min_fiction
An honest look at the disturbing and mysterious power that love has over us when we experience it for the first time.

TALFAHRT_paul reisinger_AUSTRIA_2012_10min_fiction
'Talfahrt' (Descent) tells the tragic story of two lovers who can neither be with nor without each other and of the alienation of those who are closest to us when we don't share our deepest feelings.

THE PLUNDERING_oliver ressler_AUSTRIA_2013_40min_documentary
The film The Plundering focuses on four cases of aggressive, state-property privatization policies in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.

UNTITLED BRAZIL PROJECT_christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2012_12min_experiment/fiction/documentary
Inmidst hectic Rio de Janeiro a street musician, a young director, the massive statue of Christ and even a computer avatar interact in this multi-layered father-son tale.

RICHMOND_christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2009_6min_documentary
A physical portrait of the human battle for recognition. Wrestling for a lifetime: Geri K. Richmond.

WALRUS_ christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2008_5min_fiction
A text message bursts out the inner despair of a young man.

REQUIEM FOR A ROBOT_christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2013_6min_fiction
Tortured by a recurring nightmare, an alcoholic robot has nothing left but a corrupt memory. In order to find out what has happened, he returns to his creator.


A girl is looking for her dead boyfriend in the mythological Sami landscape. She turns to an old woman, who is a noaide, for help.
Director: Tuva Synnevåg
Norway, 2009, 9’

Behind the Door
A stop-motion animated graduation film about a dark world where a girl and a man are trapped in a strange net, where life unfolds rapidly until roles are suddenly reversed.
Director: Helga Fjeldså&Stein-Christian Fagerbakken
Norway, 2011, 11'

Water Lilies in Bloom
The suspended synchronized swimming guru Labanosov entices overweight women to join him in his mission to prove Isaac Newton wrong at the Championships.
Director: Emil Stang Lund
Norway, 2010, 15’

Having survived the end of the world, two Norwegians have spent the last twenty years in a cramped space station. Waiting to be saved by the ship Vascodagama, Mikkel tries
to keep his spirits high, while Gard starts to lose patience.
Director: Kalle Doniselli Gulbrandsen
Norway, 2011, 14'

Nesting Place
A woman has obsessive-compulsive thoughts about a certain knife and killing her husband. She is afraid that she might actually hurt someone so she goes to see a psychologist to get help.
Director: Alam Ali
Norway, 2011, 14'

Before She Came, After He Left
Christian is visiting his home village with his fiancée. But what are the true reasons for the visit? A strong visual and evocative story about a young man's inner struggle, the sorrow of a love that once was and the balance with the new love that has occurred.
Director: Marja Bål Nango
Norway, 2012, 22'

A Moving Load of Memories
Moving house unleashes a torrent of memories. All his life, dad has collected things with stories attached. His new flat only has space for a fraction of them. What should he bring with him into the final chapter of his life? How will he define himself en route to his last stop?
Director: Stig Andersen
Norway, 2009, 29'

Strange Fish
On a wind-swept island in the North Sea, Margarethe has served her traditional fish stew in her diner for years. One day, the lovely Julia unexpectedly moves into the closed down fish factory next door and opens a Sushi Bar. Margarethe takes up the fight against this strange new way of eating fish.
Director: Mikal Hovland
Norway, 2011, 24'


DARLING_izabela plucinska_POLAND_2013_6min_animation
What is memory loss? In the labyrinth of fear, a stranger becomes a close person and home turns into a trap. Groping her way down the track of familiar objects and shapes, the character is trying to go back to the life that used to be her own.

THE MYSTERY OF MALAKKA MOUNTAIN_jakub wronski_POLAND_2012_20min_animation
„The Mystery of Malakka Mountain” introduces us to the prepossessing universe; shrouded in mystery, that cannot be mastered.  A young Junior leads a life of a very special boy – he smokes and holds constant inner monologues on the most existential of issues…

THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE_adela kaczmarek_POLAND_2013_13min_animation/documentary
It is an animated documentary about imagination. The protagonist lives in several realities at the same time. Real people and events intertwine with those created by his imagination.

ARS MORIENDI_milosz marganski_POLAND_2013_7min_animation
To what extend can our live be planned? Do we ever let the coincidence influence our plans? "Ars moriendi" seeks to answer these questions.

BATTLEHEART_tomasz matuszczak_POLAND_2012_24min_fiction
Julia loves photography. Thanks to her passion, she meets Maciek. They both live on the same housing estate, that is none too safe. For years it has been the turf of two rival groups of football fans, the Blacks and the Hounds. Like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, Maciek and Julia are caught on opposing sides of the warring club factions…

BATHS_tomek ducki_POLAND_2013_4min_animation
Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming. This time they are diving deeper than usual.

AFTERNOON_izabela plucinska_POLAND_2013_3min_animation
In her latest animation Izabela Plucinska returns to the motives that in 2006 inspired her to create her film Breakfast. Similarly, Afternoon is a two-part commentary on one single moment shared by a man and a woman.

AB OVO_anita kwiatkowska – naqvi_POLAND_2013_5min_animation
Imagine your body stops being only yours. Someone starts to live inside you, changing the rules, taking more and more space, a milimeter every day, not caring that he almost makes you explode. Would you be able to love this thing and call it your child?

STEVEN AND THE BEETLE_piotr loc hoang ngoc_POLAND_2012_12min_animation
Is there a place for friendship in the world dominated by callous health rules?

EMPERORS' TOYS_joanna wojcik/joanna rusinek_POLAND_2012_10min_documentary
Documentary film mixed with animation which tells about an unusual collection of toys. Like most of his peers, the protagonist begun from collecting stamps, drink labels and stickers.


THE CHANGE_dijana protic_CROATIA_2012_11min_experiment/documentary
The film was made under the sea in port of Vela Luka and around the island of Korcula, with four cameras mounted on the platform which was dragged by a diver.

HOME IS WHERE MY AGE IS_anja strelec/tomislava jukic_CROATIA_2013_22min_doc
Portrait of the institution in which are put those for whom we never have time. Elderly, our, yours, theirs.

SISTERS_lea vidakovic_SERBIA/BELGIUM_2012_8min_animation
An animated triptych which evokes the atmosphere of old Dutch paintings, where sisters are trapped in melancholy, facing the loss and emptiness over the missing one.
WARS_ivan bakrac_SERBIA_2013_40min_fiction
A history teacher from Belgrade and his wife arrive in a Montenegrin seaside town in order to combat his debilitating depression, which burdens their relationship. While Nikolija does research in a museum, Damjan wanders aimlessly through the dormant town. Then he encounters a mysterious local lady and her grandson.

A SMALL TIME/SPACE DISCONTINUUM_goce cvetanovski_MACEDONIA_2013_14min_fiction
An accidental discontinuum in time and space gives unexpected results.

KM_christos nikou_GREECE_2012_12min_fiction
A man. A woman. In a car. Fastened. Immobile. Blood. Silence. Can you open the door and get out?

GREEK CRISIS LEXICON_yiorgos nalpantidis_GREECE_2012_7min_experiment
A list of word related to the Greek financial crisis. Through their repetitive use, words become entities, detached from their speakers, they construct the reality they are supposed to be desribing.


All noise contains coloured particles of different substance and meaning. Fragile and sensitive, the fragments glide into abstract lines, colours and composition, creating Flimmer.
Director: Line Klungseth Johansen
Norway, 2011, 5’

A remote face-off between a group of demonstrators and the security forces in the chiaroscuro of a urban landscape. "Shadowlands" builds it's imagery on the analogy between the cinematic and the historical processes.
Director: Michel Pavlou
Norway, 2011, 8'

A film about grief and soul-searching. About loneliness and partnership. About the process where the surviving party after a sudden, fatal accident scrutinizes their past life together in search of answers.
Director: Andreas J. Riiser
Norway, 2006, 27'

To Guard a Mountain
Isa the shepherd must obey when his father commands him to find a lost lamb. On top of the mountain, his little brother and companion, Hamid, gets injured. Isa must decide whether follow his orders or his instinct.
Director: Izer Aliu
Norway, 2012, 25'

To Whom It May Concern
We had three rules: 1. We must not know anything about each other. 2. We meet the first Friday of the month, for a year. 3. Afterwards, we will never see each other again.
Director: Aasne Vaa Greibrokk
Norway, 2012, 23'

Fifteen-year-old Valentina moves from Russia to Norway, to her mother and her mother's Norwegian fiancé...
Director: Hanne Larsen
Norway, 2006, 28'


SOFT RAIN_denes nagy_HUNGARY_2013_28min_fiction
In a village in East Hungary, Dani, an adolescent boy grown up in an orphanage, falls in love with his classmate.

THE WOV_ji qiaowei_FRANCE_2012_25min_fiction
Mrs. Jiang, an old Chinese lady living in a Parisian suburb, is tired of her daily routine. One day, she finds am envelope full of money in a jacket left in her dry – cleaning business. She makes a wish that the client never comes back. Then, curious events begin to happen...

EUGENIA_deborah cywiner_ISRAEL_2013_14min_animation
It seemed that Eugenia had no future, the poor seamstress. She did not have anything else but a sewing machine and an old rag named Fortunata. At her tiny little house she sits and sews continuously from dawn to dusk, hopelessly devoted and having nothing to hope for...

JOY OF A HOME_ana isabel martins_PORTUGAL_2013_20min_documentary
»My grandparents are an elderly couple who have lived together for years. This movie is a portrait of the people who raised me up to 5 years old.«

SILENCES OF A GESTURE_pedro sousa_PORTUGAL_2014_5min_experiment/documentary
Capturing a moment that inevitably the time will erase.

NGUTU_felipe del olmo/daniel valledor_SPAIN_2012_5min_fiction
Ngutu is a newspaper street vendor who hardly sells any copies at all. Resentful, he starts watching the passerby closely in order to make progress in his business.

VIGIA_marcel barelli_SWITZERLAND_2013_8min_animation
»My grandfather is telling me a story that he made out, and asks me to make a film out of it: because of the pollution, pesticides, and other toxic substances, a bee decided to leave her hive, looking for a more comfortable place for her to move in.«

DJI. DEATH FAILS_dmitri voloshin_MOLDAVIA_2012_4min_animation
Dji is a terribly unlucky grim reaper. All he has to do is to collect the soul of a dying man.

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