The history of film began with short films. For a long time, they were screened before feature films. The Hollywood film industry entirely replaced short films with feature films in the 1930s, even though many feature films could easily tell their story as short films.
Short films exist beyond the definitions and borders. All of the films that are not long enough to be defined as feature films according to the film industry’s criteria can be labelled as short films. Short films usually are not the product of commercial film industry. Even though there are thousands of short films professionally produced each year in Europe alone, and amateur production cannot be numbered, we can usually watch short films only at festivals.
As a low-budget and non-commercial festival, LISFF follows the spirit of first public screening of short films in Grand Cafe in Paris in 1895. It represents the opportunity to meet and watch films, while public attendance is not limited by time.
As for the short films themselves, LISFF moves beyond the conventional frames and borders. It is first trans-national festival with independent screenings from Norway to Albania. Since 2009, it has been taking place annually in Ljubljana. As it is a non-commercial festival, entrance is free of charge. All of the films are screened with English subtitles. The Festival does not appear on billboards. However, it offers a range of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation films. In cooperation with art cinemas, cinematheques and film clubs across Europe, it travels around to organize retrospectives in cities such as GrazViennaHelsinkiOsloMunichSkopje and Tirana.

LISFF is the most colourful, spontaneous and independent film event in Slovenia.

You are sincerely welcome to join us!