ZOOM HUNGARY short film evening in Sofia is presenting newest contemporary short (fiction, experiment, animation) and documentary film productions from young Hungarian film directors. All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles.
Film event ZOOM is an international film initiative in Sofia focused on presentations of contemporary international short and documentary film productions to wide Bulgarian audiences.
103 Wednesday
Director: ERDÉLYI Dániel
16 min.
2013_english subtitles
It seems as if it were a crisis. Everybody seems to be leaving...But how was it earlier?

Hungarian Moustache
Director: LAKOS Nóra
39 min.
2011_english subtitles
Hungarian Moustache is about a group of Hungarian patriots who identify themselves through their mustache. Mustache in general is a symbol of manhood and patriotism for them. But the big and bushy Hungarian mustache is even more: it is a style that appears in the European Mustache Championship as an official category. The only problem is that these strong patriots, who consider themselves the most authentic, could never win in their own category so far. Because there is a German guy, called Günter Rosin, who is unstoppable in Hungarian style in the last ten years. The stake if the Hungarians could win this time?!

East of Paris
Director: NAGYPÁL Orsi
14 min.
2013_english subtitles
1986, Hungarian village. Cleaning rags arrive to the local factory: used clothes from the forbidden but desired West. Women of the village gather in the secret of the night to open up the container and indulge their craving for glamorous Parisian fashion. Ecstatic joy replaces the dull grayness of the socialist regime, but desire to possess and sudden greed overwrite basic human values in a second. Absurd portrait of an absurd era.

Agnus Dei
Director: SZŰCS Réka
11 min.
2013_english subtitles
'Those who move away from God get closer to him as well,
only they have taken the longer way' /Lázár Ervin/

Transit of Venus
Director: MOJZES MILOJEV Zsanett
14 min.
2013_english subtitles
It's the eve of the transit of Venus. A lonely taxidriver wanders around the dead streets of Budapest, waiting for a ride to come. A physicist discusses the astral phenomenon on a late night radio session. A lady gets in the taxi. A conversation starts between the driver and passenger.

Just the way it is...
Director: TUZA-RITTER Bernadett
13 min.
2013_english subtitles
A movie which gives an insight into the mysterious Russian Soul through a portrait of a fragile and strong Russian woman who behaves like Dostoyevsky’s lonely hero of the 2nd class on the Trans-Siberian Railway. As a carriage attendant she serves hundreds of passengers every day, even if she’s longing for home and dreaming about being a ballet dancer. The journey with her in the middle of the frozen Siberia gives a glance into the Russian dreams, love, suffering and happiness – in an unusual form of documentary storytelling.

Director: FERGE Roland
11 min.
2013_english subtitles
Hopes of a brighter future fade and a sense of hopelessness gains a generation as more young people decide to leave the homeland.

Soft Rain
Director: NAGY Dénes
28 min.
2013_english subtitles
In a village in East Hungary, Dani, an adolescent boy, grown up in an orphanage, falls in love with his classmate. He is trying to get close to her with an obscene and grotesque way of behavior. He doesn't understand the rules of this game of love; such knowledge has never been taught to him.

The Wooden Prince
Director: ULRICH Gábor
7 min.
2013_english dialogue
The tale of regret and forgiveness.

Director: SZABÓ Szonja
14 min.
2012_ensligh subtitles
While Bunny and Laci are facing serious issues in their relationship, Xiu Xiu and Lee are magnetized to each other from 10.000 miles away. Sudden changes stir up the everyday life of a remote Eastern-European town. A 15-minute comedy about a small town robbery.

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All films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles if not mentioned otherwise. Organizers keep the right for potential or/and unexpected changes in the programming.
Entrance to the screenings is free.