16.00 - 18.00

ALEPH_yakup girpan_15min_FRANCE_2010_fiction/experiment
Alep is a visual poem, restless wandering between two worlds, visible and invisible. 

REOPENING THE PAST_liliana resnick_12min_CROATIA/USA_2010_experiment
Although it has been 15 years since the war has ended a few women still await the return of their missing husbands.

LONELINESS_paula durinova_26min_SLOVAKIA_2010_documentary
Loneliness could not be necessarily bad. Roman, Michal and Marcel are thinking about their alone living. Divorced man, Roman, is facing himself with maniodepresivity. Michal, a historician, does not need anybody and Marcel is a catholic priest. They are showing us their attitudes to life, their emotions and feelings. The viewer is able to face his point of view with these three men through the documentary.

alaitz arenzana and maria ibarretxe_10min_SPAIN_2009_experiment
Exhibition 19 is a multiple portrait, on one hand, of women who do not have their own iconography in a world founded on demands for creativity and professionalism and, on the other hand, of places that make up the inside of that world.

A POEM_dmitriy malich_17min_RUSSIA_2011_fiction
He doesn't want to be with Her, and can't leave her trying to reduce each of their dates. Once he was too late to get home. Instead of going to Her, He gets drunk with a friend and catches a cold. She visits Him…

NEVERENDING KNOT_miha subic_31min_SLOVENIA_2010_fiction
Cezar is a professional forger of concert tickets. Because of his fake ticket, Andy is caught by police. He starts to blackmail Cezar because he's determined that Cezar should carry the consequences. Cezar hires Kojot and Slavc to solve the problem.

18.00 - 20.00

SHADOWS_hanna bergholm_26min_FINLAND_2009_fiction
A short film about Anna, who as a child was afraid of tales and as an adult is afraid of reality.

MY HEART, MY BAD_mari kaisu mononen_25min_FINLAND_2009_fiction
A comedy about sorrow. Young woman Essi wonders should things that are found useless be tossed?

DO NOT DISTURB_tommi kainulainen_21min_FINLAND_2009_fiction
A random meeting between a hotel cleaner and a customer turns out to be significant for both of them.

UNITED WE STAND_alejandro pedregal_19min_FINLAND_2009_fiction
An outsider threatens the peace of an upper-class Finnish family. The stranger is not taken seriously until he proves that he knows more than he should. The family must realize that they rather stay united or their lives together might collapse.

SWAY WITH ME_maarit lalli_30min_FINLAND_2010_fiction
Niko, 15, is a ninth-grader who should spend a week doing on-the-job training somewhere, but he has got his own idea how to spend a week. Niko fakes his mom’s signature on the training form and prepares to spend a week at home practising for the moped driving license test. But Niko gets caught, and his mom doesn’t hesitate to straighten him out. Mom makes Niko her personal assistant and forces Niko to work with her. And just a couple on hours later, Niko meets Martta, an 81-year-old lady. This unsuspected meeting turns out to be a warm and surprising adventure.

20.00 - 22.00

DAY OUT_nikos apostolopoulos & katerina gerothanasi_15min_GREECE_2010_fiction
A young boy is forbidden to go out from his parents´ flat.

DOG/RABBIT_nebojsa slijepcevic_13min_CROATIA_2011_animation
Story about a starving stray dog and a fat pet rabbit and between them an obsessive and possessive…

HELIXBAUHAUS_goran trbuljak_7min_CROATIA_2010_animation/experiment
A special “eye“ is watching us from above. Like from a satellite it zooms in the houses and smaller objects which some call trash…lying around bigger buildings. Corks, forks, cigarette butts…. become so interesting to this “eye” that it begins to explore who tossed or lost them… The “eye's” attention is grabbed by the amount of chewing gums glued to the asphalt… Here it picks stories to be told…

ACCELERATION_andrej rehak_11min_CROATIA_2010_animation/experiment
Through the scenario where two runners run at different speed frames, where one of them is a memory projection of another, which means that he is left in frozen space time loop without acceleration, through the phenomenon of expansion of space and time as a consequence of acceleration, i.e. constant speed change of accelerating frame of reference, the film explores the relationship between the systems of different velocities and difference in their perception. This film is a rebus which joins the world of the small (quantum mechanics) and the world of the big (theory of relativity) by introducing speed as a unique space-time scalar.

FIRST THING_martina lukanovic_7min_CROATIA_2010_animation
A young woman goes through her morning coffee ritual. The space surrounding her is invisible, characteristic of the passage from dream into waking state. Only when the smell of coffee fills her home, the objects around her become real.

IMPRESSION OF A GREAT CITY_amir muratovic_14min_SLOVENIA_2009_documentary/experiment
Impression of Berlin from early morning to late night.

NINA, PLEASE_barbara vekaric_15min_CROATIA_2010_fiction
After giving a birth to her daughter, Nina is not in the mood for sex. Their marriage is in crisis and they barely speak to each other. Nina loves Neven in a friendly way, and is grateful for everything that he affords her, but isn't attracted to him anymore. Neven is a faithful husband, and doesn’t want to cheat on his wife, but his patience has a limit. When Nina’s brother Andrija and his girlfriend Kristina visit them for a weekend, Neven uses their presence to force Nina to do her “marriage obligations”.

THE GREEK CRISIS EXPLAINED_nomint_3min_GREECE_2010_animation
“The Greek Crisis Explained” Trilogy is NOMINT’s interpretation of Greek Financial Crisis. And so the story goes: Greece, a spoiled young girl gets devoured by Dept; a humongous creepy monster. EU, the rusty super hero, cannot help poor –in full sense-, little Greece out own its own. Just as while all hope is lost, IMF is brought into play to help EU save the day. And they all (?) lived (?) happily (?) ever after…

BLOCK NR. 6_peter akar_23min_ROMANIA_2010_documentary
In one of Northern-Romania’s evergreen forests, a five story high building stands by itself. It used to be a town, but as the mines were closed, people moved away, the buildings were demolished. Only this one stayed still with still 16 families living in there. The film observes their everyday life in this isolated place.


16.00 - 18.00

TOLERATED RESIDENCE_konrad korabiewski_4min_DENMARK_2010_experiment
The audiovisual work ‘Tolerated Residence’ is a political statement reflecting on the life and constantly aggravating circumstances for foreigners in Denmark. Alienation, restless wandering, frustration and search for raison d’tre are the keywords. Pictures and sound contains a number of symbols directly and indirectly.

AQUEOUS DUENDE_jason elberts_9min_ENGLAND_2010_experiment
Strongly influenced by and reminiscent of the work of Darren Aronofsky and Chris parks, Aqueous Duende is a venture into another world, far removed from reality, which takes the viewer on a voyage of beauty and light.

SEE YOU TOMORROW_lara pedraz_11min_SPAIN_2010_fiction
It's another day, but just as important as the rest. Each medicine, each spoonful of food, every word .... all the same every day, but essential for a person who depends on someone 24 hours the rest of his life.

DAYING EVERY DAY_aitor echeverria_13min_SPAIN_2010_fiction
Blanca is not willing to let her family enjoy a quiet dinner. The conversation is boring and she is irritated by the same old jokes. She knows that things could be different.

KAIN_kristof hoornaert_17min_BELGIUM_2009_fiction/experiment
KAIN reflects in a contemplative way on our human condition. It's an audiovisual meditation on the cruelty and suffering of our tragic humanity. A short film about guilt and the birth of conscience.

JOURNEY OF NO RETURN_guclu yaman_23min_GERMANY_2010_fiction
Based on true events, the film tells the story of Aamir Ageeb, an immigrant from Sudan, who was to be deported from Germany in 1999 from Frankfurt Airport back to Sudan.

LEMONARY_vasiliy feniin_26min_RUSSIA_2010_fiction
An intricate story about guest workers living in Moscow. How does a small man survive in the crazy rhythm of a metropolis?

18.00 - 20.00

BE A HELPFUL MAN WHEN YOU GROW UP_kirineos papadimatos_11min_GREECE_2010_fiction
“Get it, ask for money from the bank". With these words and by giving him a gun the anarchist Buenaventura Durruti expelled a beggar from a café in Barcelona. These kinds of stories Lucas was reading and look what happened.

TINY FINGERS_irmak sueri_5min_TURKEY_2010_fiction
Great jobs by tiny fingers.

ALICE NERVOSA_kristijan kauric_3min_CROATIA_2007_fiction
Anorexic girl tries to run away from her problems to a dream world...

ONEIROID LIFE_naida zukic_6min_BiH/USA_2010_experiment
Oneiroid life deploys dream aesthetic as a space for political and ethical engagement of violence and trauma.

DARK STORY_nail pelivan_13min_TURKEY_2010_fiction
Murat and Zeynep are married and happy. Zeynep has got a kidney disease. Murat wants to do sacrifices but this is not that easy.

MY WAY_veljko popovic_7min_CROATIA_2010_animation
Little boy receives his first pair of shoes. Inside a little invisible stone is hidden.

REFUGEE_nail pelivan_25min_TURKEY_2011_fiction
Hasan and Rıza are two buddies. They live in Ayvalık, by the five-star hotels and yachts without a penny in their pockets.  In order to reach the life they envy, the piece of land across the sea catches their eyes; Greek Mytilene... Mytilene is the gate to Europe, and to open that gate one has to pay a price. The price is heavy, but the die is once cast.

NOTHING PERSONAL_marko santic_17min_CROATIA_2009_fiction
Roko and Boris are getting ready to rob one house in the suburbs. Boris seams to up to the task, while Roko is having trouble with it. When they ring the door bell, asking for help and claiming that their car broke down, the person who answers the door is, to their surprise, a priest. In the minutes that will follow, the priest will realise that being nice might not be that nice, and Roko and Boris will face the very first challenge of their friendship. 

HOUSEHOLD HELP WANTED_sven maric_3min_CROATIA_2008_fiction
A lonely retiree is giving false advertisement in newspapers seeking household help so he could pester ambitious candidates all day.

WELCOME_maja milanovic_22min_CROATIA/USA_2010_fiction
A new country in the West. Same family, different roles. Broken English. A gun goes off. A barricade on the door does not keep her safe. Old memories haunt her. A member of the family is missing in action. People in uniform do not know how to help. Pictures of a war left behind do not go away. Do any doors lead to escape? Her name is Dolores and this is her home. Welcome.

20.00 - 22.00

REALLY HARD TO BE A GOOD MASAI_gabriele neudecker_10min_AUSTRIA_2010_documentary
This portrait grants an intriguing insight into the live of adolescent Masai warriors. A chronicle of young Morani-warriors and a panorama of role-aspects between guardian of tradition, modern teenager and tourist attraction.

YOU ARE OUT_max liebich_6min_AUSTRIA_2010_animation
An animated short film telling the story of a man who opts out of society. He becomes a longing observer who recognizes the overwhelming power of nature and is no longer impressed by death.

TIEFENSUCHT_florian fessl_AUSTRIA_20min_2010_fiction
Georg, a young man, has lost his father. To find him again, he dives into the strange but fair and beautiful world of an old fishermen's tale.

FERN UND NAH_jasmina eleta_35min_AUSTRIA_2011_fiction
Amrik Singh makes out a living delivering newspapers. The news of his mother’s death leads to a series of setbacks. The difficult struggle to make it in Europe appears to be lost. Employer Gerhard Haschka places his own mother in the care of a Slovakian nurse. Until the death of Frau Haschke, the two women develop an intimacy that Gerhard is incapable of realizing. Gerhard and Amrik never encounter one another.

THE MAINFRAME_daniel hermes & hans dieter edler_5min_AUSTRIA_2007_animation/experiment
Breaking out of split screen into media history: What starts out as a love story in Dieter Edler´s and Daniel Hermes´s stop motion film, containing approximately 4000 pictures, finishes up as a digital odyssey of TV-images and media metaphors.

WALRUS_christoph rainer_5min_AUSTRIA_2008_fiction/experiment
Text message triggers despair for a young man.

MEMORY_michael kren & mirjam baker_5min_AUSTRIA_2009_animation
Story of a man who can't let go of a lost relationship. He wanders through the city, visiting places that remind him of his lost love. With him he carries a box of seemingly empty slides and when he looks through them, his lost love reappears before him as hand drawn animation. But when his past girlfriend suddenly touches him, his realities start to shift...

CROSSWORD_michael kren & mirjam baker_2min_AUSTRIA_2009_animation
A glimpse into the life in a fictional city while the camera is flying gently through the street canyons.

SERENADE_orsolya bajusz_2min_AUSTRIA_2009_animation
The sad little clown pours all the despair of his wretched soul into a bittersweet lullaby. The burring of his mandoline splits through the silent orange night like an arrow. The trees and flowers cry together with the godforsaken little jester, mourning beauty and purity.

SISTER_michael rittmannsberger_AUSTRIA_6min_2010_fiction/experiment
"The short story of loss, narrated with the poignancy of a needle slowly piercing the spectator’s skin: with the comparatively simple methods of slow motion, Michael Rittmannsberger’s captivating film manages to turn a family’s pain into a tragedy of strong identification, which transcends itself."

WHAT REMAINED UNSPOKEN_bernhard hetzenauer_13min_AUSTRIA_2010_documentary
In this film the director accompanies 25-year-old Mexican actress Ana Serrano through a process of finding herself. In a poetic way the film shows the painful process of losing a beloved person and the search for a way to deal with the loss.

22.00 - 24.00

I SPEAK TRUE THINGS_marko tadic_6min_CROATIA_2010_animation
Stories about the island circulated around Europe for centuries, telling that it was the promissed land of the saints, an eartly paradise where fairies and magicians lived. This is a story of a life long search for the island.

THE COMPASSIONATE SAMARITAN_boban poposki_17min_MACEDONIA_2010_documentary
Tragic story about a child’s life. Moments of fights with the destiny, days filled with pain and hope. Parents of a 9 year old boy suffering a rear disease reveal the story of their fight, how everything began and what they’ve been through. “Jovan won’t die. Jovan will be the most beautiful child, just as he was before”. His mother ends the documentary shading tears.

SUPERCOOL_goran radovanovic_5min_SERBIA_2010_animation
While the house lady is away, the laundry machine tears the socks to shreds and the SuperCool brand glove comes to clear her mess and grows the socks back.

VIVE LA CRISE!_alexei gubenco_3min_ROMANIA_2009_animation
Deforestation, property development, pollution, money, and a lot of food - all this is going to change... The economic crisis is coming!

THAT’S OUR CHILD_elma islamovic_15min_Bosnia&Herzegovina_2010_documentary
Sasha, Jasenko and Alma are gay people living in Sarajevo and Tuzla, talking about their 'coming out' process, relationships with parents, friends and boyfriends/girlfriends. Sasha’s parents gave up on him when he told them he was gay. Alex is a transsexual, in the process of transition, and still needs to tell his father about process. Subject of gay people (and transsexual also) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is huge taboo, and this film opens up the necessery dialogue between these people and those who are strogly against something they apparently don’t understand and don’t wish to understand.

RECYCLING_branko istvancic_15min_CROATIA_2010_fiction
Early in the morning Roma minority family goes from the European city periphery to the city dump collecting goods. They found almost new garment, suit and tie. They put clothes on their eldest son Safet and together with the neighbours go to the most modern factory for recycling in the city. It is Safets’ first working day.

MR. CEVDETS’ CARNATION_selin togay_15min_TURKEY_2010_fiction
Cevdet is the crazy man of the town. He falls in love with a plastic manqueen. But something goes in wrong way. And one day, he sees his lover with another man.

STANKA GOES HOME_maya vitkova_15min_BULGARIA_2010_fiction
When Mrs. Stanka Atanasova, an elderly and sick woman, enters her block of flats, she discovers that the elevator is out of order. Stanka must use the stairs to get to the ninth floor, and what for most of us is a simple task, becomes a challenge for her.

SHADOW_bilgi diren gunes_7min_TURKEY_2010_experiment
We usually put away our past memories in the dusty corners of our mind and forget about them for a while. When the time comes, these memories come crashing back and they play shadow games on our mind...

CHOCOLATE CAKE_dorotea vucic_15min_CROATIA_2010_fiction
After her husband's death, Višnja is left with no one to cook for. Her children have left and she cannot see any meaning in life anymore. Shortly after she meets a „petty“ thief Stalone and asks him for a favor.  But her plan soon goes sour... 


16.00 - 18.00

enrique garcia and ruben salazar_7min_SPAIN_2010_animation
Daisy Cutter tells the story of a ten years old girl, Zaira, who (like many others) experiences the injustice of war, with the perspective that her tender and naive eyes allow her. Zaira gathers daisies every day for a friend that she misses; so as not to forget him, so as not to lose him.

MOUTHS OF SAND_angel aldarondo_5min_SPAIN_2010_animation
Tuna fish spend months hibernating after the active feeding season in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year these seasons are filmed in rings, leaving opaque areas due to the lack of food.

HAPPY PURCHASE_zhora kryzhovnikov_8min_RUSSIA_2010_fiction
Near future. Human-like robots are in open market. Sveta acquires a nice Robot to solve her personal problems. Robot is tuned up automatically to fit the owner’s character. But she is on her way to know who she truly needs.

FLOCK_asier altuna_8min_SPAIN_2010_fiction
A shepherd, lost in the city, searches for his flock. His call attracts the attention of some people, who decide to follow him.

AMAR_isabel herguera_8min_SPAIN_2010_animation
Inés travels to India to visit her friend Ámár, who has been living in a mental institution for years. Inés remembers the last days they spent together and her promise to return.

PANTA RHEI_amos holzman_21min_ISRAEL_2010_fiction
Two days in the life of Arik, 17 years old. Sharp cuts between scenes in school, his relationships and the military recruiting office.

THE REFEREE_mattias low_29min_SWEDEN_2010_documentary
Swedish soccer referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his vision in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November 18th, 2009, all hell broke loose...

PEAL_amin taghipour_5min_IRAN_2010_animation
An old man is wandering in snowy field and trying to hunt birds by throwing stones. After him in the same place a young fellow comes and hunt many birds and unknown creatures by his gun in barbaric way. But mystically he is killed by old man.

SEA OF DESIRES_shota gamisonia_27min_RUSSIA_2010_fiction
It is one day in the life of two friends Moscovites. Their Moscow has got a real sea, the southern sun and home-made wine.

18.00 - 20.00

DUBUS_alexei dmitriev_5min_RUSSIA_2005_experiment
A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.

LAVAN_guilhad emilio schenker_28min_ISRAEL_2010_fiction/experiment
Gioza, one of the female "White Torture" prison guards, falls into an obsessive love with Nick, the prisoner under her supervision, without him knowing of her existence. When Nick is facing the prison's “final procedure”, Gioza must choose between her love to Nick and obedience to prison rules.

ONE BULLET_attila veres_19min_HUNGARY_2010_fiction
Milos takes a risk to either multiply or lose his boss’s money. He’s got only one bullet. He doesn’t know that it will decide his fate.

STEREOSCOPY_xacio bano_12min_SPAIN_2011_fiction
Emilio lives on his own taking refuge in the anonimity of the city. One day on his way to work he is knocked down and he lost his left eyesight. The doctors transplanted the eye of another person and he starts to see his donor’s life.

STAIRS_mateusz staniszew_7min_POLAND_2010_animation
This short film is about an old man who is getting an urgent official note from an Office. He must get to the Office by 14.00 o'clock. As we will see this simple matter will become almost impossible.

WARdisease_marie magescas_9min_FRANCE_2010_experiment
On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Five of these UN member countries are today the biggest arms dealers in the world.

THE EYES_elika rezaee_4min_IRAN_2010_fiction/experiment
A man who has the passion of the photography in his heart, had been injured in the war. After the war, he still loves to capture the world but…

STONES_eduard tadevosyan_30min_RUSSIA/ARMENIA_2010_fiction
How to get rid of immortality that torments with the burden of your own mistake? How to turn back time and to live through your own life only? How many hearts in love are there left to be saved to receive forgiveness for the daughter’s destroyed love? And how to forgive yourself?

20.00 - 22.00

THE VEIL_omer cacan_8min_TURKEY_2009_fiction
The Veil is a story of women who became mothers when they were still children themselves. A story of an endless cycle of desperation, that turns into a kind of destiny. It is a story of silent acquiescence. Cemile lives in a sod-roofed house in a distant village. Her story finishes in one long dark night. In one long and dark night, it starts over again.
HOW TO DEAL WITH NONSENSE_veronica solomon_5min_ROMANIA/GERMANY_2010_animation
Does the world seem to you coherent and comprehensible? ...  But why struggle to understand when we can joyfully slide through so many layers of nonsense... The Spherical Mother Superior keeps the broth boiling and the steam rising, and all the rumors will be taken to the Great Hamster in the sky. And then...? Don’t worry, there’s a happy end.

BITITSCH_peter bizjak_13min_SLOVENIA_2009_fiction
Bititsch is a Nazi. He is also addicted to pizza, which is delivered to him regularly. On this occasion however his favorite food is delivered to him by a muscular black man. Conflict seems inevitable and Bititsch must find his precious pizza elsewhere.

THE SON_dimitris nakos_6min_GREECE_2010_fiction
The parents of an eight years old boy, listening embarrassed to his questions, answer with a funny “non-frankness”. When the son became a father himself some years later, although his intention was for the opposite, the story is repeated.

LISTENING TO ISTANBUL_veysel cihan hizar_8min_TURKEY_2010_documentary
We listen in silence as Istanbul tells her own tale, through her own sounds.

DERBY_paul negoescu_15min_ROMANIA/GERMANY_2010_fiction
One night, Mircea, hears his fifteen year old daughter having sex with her boyfriend in her bedroom.

ANYTHING FOR YOU_toma waszarow_19min_BULGARIA_2009_fiction
Ana thinks she knows exactly what she wants with men. And with life in general. Tonight though, her
views will face a tough challenge. A meeting awaits her, and it will turn her world upside down.

PARTY_dalibor matanic_15min_CROATIA_2009_fiction
«Party» is the story set in a sunny, bright summer day in Vukovar. Enjoying and living day like that it seams almost impossible to believe that the brightness and joy can be easily interrupted. «Party» is a part 2 of six short films dealing with intimacy of six different parts of planet Earth on the same day.

RICOCHET_emir kapetanovic_25min_Bosnia&Herzegovina_2010_documentary
Short documentary about rap music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina.