1. LISFF is an independent and transnational short film festival taking place in Ljubljana (SLOVENIA) and other European cities which will be announced on the festival's website continually in season 2017
  2. LISFF will take place in Ljubljana in February 2017
  3. The call for entries for LISFF is open to all independent international short film productions produced after year 2000
  4. Authors of the submitted works define the film length of their short films by themselves
  5. LISFF is accepting all genres of creative short films (documentary, fiction, animation, experimental, other)
  6. Screenings of all films selected into the program of LISFF will be only in DVD format
  7. Festival is non - commercial
  8. There is no entry fee for the submitted films
  9. All films have to be subtitled in ENGLISH
  10. The film for LISFF may be entered by natural persons or legal entities (Authors/Producers/Participants) who have all copyrights of the submitted short film
  11. Participants have full responsibility for information filled in the entry form
  12. In case of hiding or conceiving any information about the legal status of film entered to LISFF the Participant shall cover all costs of legal actions resulting from the claims of copyright infringement from third parties
  13. Authors/Producers/Participants of short films should send the filled and signed entry form together with the screening DVD (PAL) copy of their films and enclosed promo materials (synopsis, photos, awards, list of credits, festival screenings, filmo/biography) on CD to the official festival address A. SASO NISKAC, JESENKOVA ULICA 1, 1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA until 01.12.2016 (date of arrival in the office)
  14. LISFF will not return the submitted films, but will place them in the festival archive
  15. Submitted films will be used only for educational and cultural purposes
  16. By submitting a film to LISFF the owner (author) of the copyrights grants to LISFF free of charge use of the film during the festival and presentations in cinemas and other public places as a part of additional educational and cultural screenings of LISFF in Slovenia and abroad in terms of educational promotion of the festival
  17. LISFF is an international short film festival and its screenings will take place also in other European cities (additional screening locations in Europe will be announced on the official festival website throughout the year 2017)
  18. Photos from the film, photos of the author/director, information about the film, information about the author, production, distribution and cast/crew information will be published in all festival promo materials and on our official webpage
  19. Participant of LISFF may submit unlimited number of short films
  20. Organizers do not profit from the festival presentations
  21. Organizers do not take responsibility for not delivered or delayed films
  22. Submitted films without signed entry forms will be rejected
  23. LISFF is aiming to present creative short films of independent authors in which both artistic and educational characters and values are combining